Marv Wolfman said Starfire "Visually from the trailer looks great" .... Does the creator get the final say?

If you watched today’s DC Daily you’ll know what I’m talking about. I know a lot of people, and I mean a lookout of people, did not like the look of Starfire in Titans. With Marv Wolfman being the creator of this character does that change your opinion?

I don’t like the coat and the wig looks bad but I’m fine with the hair not being long and straight down for now because there have been times she’s had similar hair like this although rarely.

The actress looks fine. I am really hoping that she gets a costume by the end of the season or in s2

I feel you, a lot of people seem to not like the hooker jacket haha. Well one thing this red carpet thing made clear in her interview was this representation of Starfire wakes up in that room and she doesn’t remember who she is. Knowing that she probably went to a goodwill for her first clothes or platos closet. Anyways I’m sure that’s the reason she doesn’t have a costume, and gives room for growth for her to get one by end season. I think she still will mostly wear human clothes to blend in though. I think once we see her FX we’ll forget all about her clothes. I’m indifferent about her hair because she’s a black woman, and if there’s anything black girls do best is pull off any type of hair style out there. Curly, coily, fro, straight, wavy, or waterfall curls. One shot of her hair is far from concrete and I’d bet they had planned to change the styles over time from the jump. Keeps things fresh


Yeah true