Marking books read or unread?

Does anyone know if this is a possibility.? Also I’ve noticed books i know I’ve read not having the blue status bar at all, look it’s I’ve never read them

Also, books i know i haven’t read have Blue status bars showing

Hi @RickReason! I’ve passed along your feedback about the blue status bar not displaying for you. If you’re using the Android app, you should be able to tap on the three dots next to individual issues and select the “Mark As Read” option.

Yeah I’m on the android app, but i don’t have the mark read or unread option

Chiming in here — this feature is accessed through the Comic History portion of your Library on both the mobile app and site. Doesn’t look to be implemented for individual issues nor any comic outside of your history (presumably to act as a sort of “housekeeping” function and clear out anything you’re done with or reset your progress).


Yeah even in Comic history i don’t have that option

It does not give me the option to do this either on the android app, It would be a nice feature to have.

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I would like this feature outside of my history. I’d like to be able to mark any/all comics I’ve read outside of the app… and have the blue status bar visible everywhere. Thanks!

Hi @macdad34.93097. Thank you for sharing your feedback. I have passed along your feedback for the appropriate team to review.

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