Mari Grayson

Can we bring Nightstar back? Maybe with Damian and Jonathan.


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Where can I find the book

lol Nightstar was the best

Ummm stupid question but who’s night star don’t think I actually seen her before lol

Nightstar is the alternate future daughter of Nightwing and Starfire from the Kingdom Come timeline. She’s become quite the fan favorite over the years despite only appearing a few times - including a self-titled one-shot during the ‘The Kingdom’ crossover.

The Kingdom Come novelization by Elliot S! Maggin expands her role just a bit, giving us a few more scenes with her and her best galpal Avia, the daughter of Mister Miracle and Big Barda.

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Here’s the link to her solo comic, @Dickgrayson37:

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That’s interesting never knew they had a kid and nightwing is my favorite dc character and a side note the dc game I play doesn’t have her in it either

Where can I find this book because nightwing and starfire are my favorite dc couple

@DickGrayson37 It’s on Dc Universe