Manhunter (2004)

Thanks to DC Universe I’ve discovered the 2004 run of Manhunter with Kate Spencer. Really loving it. Gritty, great art and story telling. Any other fans? Highly recommend it!


I remember getting a trade for it early on when I was getting into comics. It was the last trade of the series, but I still was able to get into it and really enjoyed it. Definitely plan on going through the whole series with the app. :smiley:

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I just finished re-reading the entire run of the series, since it was all on here and I didn’t have to hunt for my paper copies. Actually, there was one issue when they seem to have accidentally reverted to a previous run of Manhunter, but still. I really liked this series.

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Manhunter is probably one of my all-time favorite books. I fell even more in love when it reveals what parts of the DC universe her costume comes from. It felt like a wonderful nod to other series and it was overall a series done right that just didn’t get enough eyes on it .

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I’ve been reading it and it’s really good. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it until this app.