Man & Superman

I’m halfway through it and all I’ve got to say is… Marv Wolfman, you sir a national treasure!



I picked it up but haven’t read it yet.

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I read it the other day. Outstanding book. Probably the second best Superman story after American Alien. I loved it.

Interesting that he wrote it so many years ago and just now being published.


I really enjoyed it. I blew right through it. Being that it was originally going to be part of Superman Confidential I’m thinking of checking that series out again.


I absolutely loved it!! Only thing I knew about it beforehand was that it was completed years ago. It was the first book I read from my pile of comic books I picked up from my comic shop Wednesday. I read the preface from Marv and appreciated getting to learn the back story behind the book. He set up a high bar of expectation by the end of the preface, but after reading it in one sitting, it is definitely among his very best works! I’m giving my copy away to my brother and hope to get a second copy next week for myself…if it hasn’t sold out.