Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill

So just to recap:
• Cavill is perfectly cast as Superman
• Nobody lets him be Superman
• The response is, ah, mixed and his death barely registers
• People finally like him in JUSTICE LEAGUE
•Cavill peaks with MI: FALLOUT
• WB refuses to fast track a Superman sequel

I know this really isn’t the place but I think WB/DC should hear the fans. No matter if you liked, loved, or hated MoS, BvS, or JL, One thing 99% of fans agree is that Henry Cavill is the perfect Superman and another Superman movie is wanted!


It would have to be a 2020 release date.

Henry’s awesome as Supes. I hope MOS 2 will focus a little more on Clark Kent. I’d like more exposure to that side of his character. And I’d like him to have an actual conversation with Wonder Woman. In the comics Superman and Wonder Woman are really good friends (at a minimum).

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