Man of Steel 2 or simply Superman?📹🎬📽🎞🎥

Should they make a Man Of Steel 2 or reboot Superman?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Man of Steel

Man of Steel 2

Man of Steel 2

Man of Steel 2, definitely – preferably with Henry Cavill still in the role.

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Superman: Man of Tomorrow

Don’t care what they call it as long as they re-Up Cavill’s contract and get it made!

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Man of Steel 2 with or without Cavill. Unless they reboot the whole DCEU, then reboot Supes again

Caring about WB’s DCEU & what their movie line up is like having a drug addict friend. You can only get so involved with their life before feeling frustrated and defeated. Just gotta appreciate any good you get and wash your hands of the crap that is out of your control. They have added/removed like 30 movies from their roster and change movies as they are being released. Just russian roulette at this point if the film can be enjoyable or not. It isn’t like they are trying to make a good product, just trying to secure a safe return on money put into the films.

I’d love another MoS or even a buddy/smaller scale movie with him & one or two other heroes. I want to see him be the reporter and savior of metropolis. Explain his secret identity and stuff since he died and came back, both as Clark and Supes. Unless Batman throws tons of money at it and DPlanet is boss at covering it up, the death/resurrection of Clark at the same time as Supes won’t make sense/be plausible to explain the secret identity angle. Aside of fixing that storyline, I would like to see Lois on her own as an intrepid reporter & not just her in reaction to Clark’s stuff.

As far as writing another Superman centered film, DC’d have to write it & care about the products believability & story progression. Bruce Wayne may orchestrate the release of info that Clark Kent went missing in the crisis during BvS & Kent’s body couldn’t be recovered/presumed dead. I’m sure he wouldn’t be the first person to die/go missing during the Doomsday/spaceship issue. But “Clark” could have been in a shelter with amnesia or a “John Doe” at a hospital in a coma or something as far as the public is concerned for how a dude died and came back to life at the same times Superman did.