Man-Bat # 5 Review

This final view of Man-bat#5 let get start.

Man-bat fighting batman while Scarecrow escape then battle goes flying Krik ask his Alter-Ego (from of Man-bat) put end to this but he refuse. Mean while Scarecrow use sonic cannon of people of Gotham deaf while Francine attempted to stop this but failed. Man-bat decide stop fighting Batman and goes after Scarecrow and goes for a kill until Krik try stop him to kill after long talk Krik become himself again. After re control use sonic Cannon to reverse to save people to hear again then start reason he all doing this because he just want to be happy together however that will never work and so Krik turn him-self to police. Few months Man-bat got visit Wonder Woman she want Kirik to join but first thing use lasso of truth if he ready he accept and ready the truth.

And thus end story Man-bat and that how end up join Justice League Dark.

Highly recommended for monster lovers. You can find the issue right here on the dc universe app.