Man-Bat # 2 Review

Time for another review Man-Bat. Kirk Langstrom continues to struggle with his serum, and this issue starts off with this very issue. Langstrom’s story really is a story of good intentions gone horribly wrong. Suicide Squad. The core members, Deadshot, Harley, Boomerang, and Killer Croc try to take down Langstrom after the make him turn back into Manbat. . Captain Boomerang is there to ground Man-Bat. But it is Killer Croc who is the perfect inclusion to the comic. He is similar in concept, a human turned into an animal. Except he is further down the road of accepting what he is. Croc is Man-Bat’s potential final future. As for Harley, her role is left until later. She is also a brilliant addition to this comic, having numerous connections to Man-Bat. Next issue will be a therapy how it will play. What you think in issue #2.

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