Make-Your-Own Omnibus

Has anyone here ever made your own omnibus from single issues?

I know there are binding services that specialize in this, and I have been interested in using them but I want to know what people who have done it thought. My main concern with having singles is that they are obnoxious to store/display, which makes it less likely I will reread them.

It would be cool to be able to take a big hardcover compilation of Future’s End and just read from that. It might also be fun to compile an Ultimate Read Order and just get it done up in volumes with a spine that when lined up makes a big picture on the shelf. Plus you never have to worry about misplacing the comics out of order.


wow, didn’t know you could do that, sounds like the perfect way to collect an event that spans multiple series (Civil War from team red comes to mind)

and since hunting for back issues is already a hobby, it would be exciting to make a list and then collect them over time … can’t even describe the satisfaction from owning a complete print series

now I’m really curious how exactly they bind single issues together

I seriously just cringed at the thought of it. If you bind them like that you’ve effectively destroyed any collectable value that they had.


@bloodviolet agreed, so true. I just deal with singles and a trade every once in a while.


A local comic book dealer did that, like for example , he has Blue Beetle issues bound, and it really looks nice. it’s interesting because it’s the original comic book paper …
it’s tempting… it’s funny though because the book covers look real old school and all you do is on the binding it says the name of the comic but the sides are very very plain.

If you want to there is a great site called Houchen Bindery. You send it in and they bind them. Lots of options and customizations. They do more than comics btw, if you got some textbooks that need rebinding they are your guys.
Anyway I’ve though of this, but only if I KNOW there won’t be a Omnibus.

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Hey! I do bindings. I have done probably a dozen or so books in the last 5 years or so. It’s a lot of fun.

To answer bloodviolet’s point, you would NOT bind old comics of value. But as we all know, most floppies past the 1960s are worth practically nothing. So binding 90s Justice League (or whatever) is not destroying value as those things are going to be in the cheap bins if you were to sell them (with the exception of first appearances of popular characters).

And if you really don’t want to bind your old floppies you can also bind TPBs.

And comics are only worth how much someone would pay for them.
Maybe someone would pay more for a complete run that’s bound.

I have seen these pop up for sale in some local cons from time to time. They are interesting. Yeah, wouldn’t want to do it with your pristine Golden Age run, but for more recent comics… or beaten up versions of older comics they would be a neat little thing to have. Yeah as collectibles they have less value in theory (would argue a bound version of say… Booster Gold’s original comic series would probably sell more then the individual issues as a whole) but if all you want is something easy to read that fits on your bookshelf they are not a bad idea. And honestly, if you scour the dollar bins or lower for some good runs and bind them you might have something worth more then the books themselves.

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