Make Your Own DC Team

Who is On Your Own DC Team
Make your own team With a max of 10 members
Your Team Could Consist Of Villains Or Hero’s
Have Fun! And Get Creative!


My Team Consist Of

King Shark For The muscle
Nightwing The skill
Doctor Fate
Doctor Manhatan





Duke Thomas
Jason Todd
Cassandra Cain
And the team name is renegades


Captain Comet
Robotman (Robert Crane)
Roy Raymond TV Detective
Lana Lang Insect Queen
Air Wave
Tarantula (John Law)


Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz)

Manhunter (Kate Spencer)

Batwing (Luke Fox)


Black Lighting

Bolt (Alinta)

Green Arrow (Connor Hawke)

Red Tornado (John Smith)


For the former villain turn hero or reluctant hero: Enchantress (June Moone)

Call them justice league or their task force I think they make a unique and dynamic team if ever assembled.


I usually wanted a team that was diverse in gender and ethnicity, would enjoy to see a book that encourages characters that are largely underlooked or new and ones that don’t have Batman leading them. Characters like Black Lighting should be a leading man in more superhero books.

@KingsharkDp4vr You said 10 and I definitely did my best to get creative as possible. But man I would loved to cheat a little and add Vixen, she’s insanely versatile with incredible powers.


I have to overanalyze this-

Jessica- Used a lot since her creation. I think Simon is a much better fit for those criteria.

Manhunter- check

Batwing- Had his time and did not catch on. He is being used a lot in Wayne Family Adventures now.

Nubia- Didn’t she recently have her own minseries?

Black Lightning- Heavily used.

Bolt- Check

Connor- Had his major time in the sun, but it is true now.

Red Tornado- I have seen him get used so much I cannot call him underused. I think an accurate Maxine fits this much better (and redhead representation).

Dreamer- Check

Enchantress- Used a lot lately.

So 4 of 10 is good given that very tough criteria.


Really?! Oh I got to check that out. Thanks!


@Samsonkillingtime Rad team line up defintally a dangerous team!!!


I like the idea how u wanted to have a diverse team!


I wanna see our teams clash and lets see whoo winsss!!!


I think your team is more powerful, but I do not see it lasting. Dr. Fate would, Ozymandias, and Dr. Manhattan would leave leaving KillingTime’s team victorious.


BG :00_batgirl1:
Dinah Lance :00_black_canary:
Helena Bertinelli :00_huntress2:
Stephanie Brown :00_batgirl_cass_cain:
Cassandra Cain :00_batgirl_cass_cain:
Selina Kyle :catwoman_hv_1: :catwoman_hv_1: :catwoman_hv_1:



:chicken: :penguin: :baby_chick:


My Team is Black Adam. That’s all I need. No one can defeat him.


Wrong, Hawkman can beat him. :00_hawkman:

Welcome to the community.


I actually didn’t think about it, but now that you mention it, this would be an awesome scenario!
@MatthewHecht is right through your lineup has a severe disadvantage and that is your team doesn’t have the characteristics of one that would work together well with other people let alone each other.

So, allow me to spin a scenario where Ozymandias has manipulated and orchestrated a plan with this team to rule the world or something of that nature and my team is the only one who can stop him at the moment. Ozymandias greatest weapon is his mind, so manipulation and his intelligence would be used to form this team. Doctor Fate is a lord of order and while a hero, the spiritual entity, Nabu, would betray his heroes and his benevolent nature if he was somehow convinced that both are negating order and peace on earth. And that the only way to fix it would be to support Ozymandias malicious plans.

King shark is obviously just muscle and even if he was a kind person, he’s far too gullible and weak-minded. Ozymandias would trick King shark to work with him. Joker and Nightwing on the other hand wouldn’t be so easily convinced. No matter of manipulation could convince them to work with each other, so Ozymandias must make a device to mind control them and one where their skills would still be able to be used by him. For Doctor Manhanthan a special argument could be made of their past relationship with each other being a major factor in Manhanthan decision to join this team because no ordinary device or Adrian’s manipulations will work here. I believe Dr. Manhanthan will play a primary passive role in this here fight where he will see how these series of events play out before engaging and that’s fine for Ozymandias as long as he has the strongest being in the universe at his disposal.

In my line-up, we have Jefferson Pierce; Black Lightning lead the team where his time working with Batman and the outsiders come to use when he assembles this rag-tag group of heroes to stop Ozymandias.

Jessica Cruz:


the green lantern of sector 2184 possess the ability to create light-based weapons from her willpower alone. Not the strongest compared to her contemporaries’ and in fact has occasional anxiety that affects her ability to use her ring effectively. That said, Jessica Cruz has been known to temporary hold other weapons of great power that she has even greater abilities to that of an ordinary lantern. The ring of Voltroom and Omega radiation are her highlights. These powers are known to be used by evil people, yet she has used them for a force of good, showing her willpower to overcome great fear and evil despite its overwhelming power.



Part of an order of ancient protectors that serve justice. Spencer is the latest mantle bearer but one with the latest weaponry and skills to accomplish her mission. She is a pragmatic hero, one who won’t be afraid to kill a villain if it’s absolutely necessary.



One of the smartest people in Gotham. Batwing Luke Fox possess the intelligence and talents to craft, hack, and control advance pieces of technology hardware and weaponry that he can get his hands on. Luke is a professional MMA fighter yet one with the mindset to fight smart not harder to win his battles, so against foes with overwhelming strength he finds ways to outsmart them. He owns a bat armor that increases his strength ten-fold with the ability of flight.



Queen of the Amazons and the protector of Doom’s Gate. Nubia possesses the strength of normal Amazons and possess a century of knowledge to make her the wisest of anyone in my team. While lacking flight, Nubia has skills and weaponry that make her more powerful than your average Amazon.

Black lightning:


I mention this briefly but besides his leadership skills, Black lightning has an incredible power of controlling electricity and one where he can get more powerful the more, he absorbs of it. He’s also a professional athlete with years of experience as a hero to make him a great fighter.



Alinta is a superhero who due to her relative new status I will discuss briefly. A former kid smuggler who became a hero while serving along the Titans. Bolt is a speedster with the exception of being one with a disability and one where she can only move in burst, making what she does technically transporting in short distances but in high speeds. She is the kind of young hero who wishes to prove her heroism so her role in the team is one who puts everything on the line to save the day.

Green Arrow:


A skilled Archer, Connor Hawke greatest contribution is being one of the most proficient fighters in the world, likely greater than even the adults and metahumans on the team.

Red Tornado:


The machine android who can control the winds to a ridiculous degree. He possesses flight and super strength, RP can face the worst conditions and still self-repair himself, if necessary. He has a complex identity that make him human and still very much machine to have free will yet also rudimentarily code to be immune to mind control.



While still relatively new in the dc universe, in the cw Supergirl show, Dreamer is an excellent fighter with powers of dream energy which allows her to step into dreams, precognition, and astral projection.



Enchantress abilities are extensive which include flight, enchantations, resurrections, illusions. and energy allowing her to keep up with the other powerful magic users and forces of the universe. The only thing that keeps her down from becoming more powerful is the witch entity inability to work well with her host June. She is a powerful individual who besides Cruz is the most powerful person on the team but also, it’s most unpredictable.

Let’s see in this battle, it will take place in a setting that is like Adrian’s base in the watchmen series, a large and almost desolate building of monuments in his image, tv’s and computer screens in the background, and newspapers he has laying on a table of marble reading “Doomsday Clock set to 50 seconds, another reading climate and nuclear degradation inevitable.” (Basically things that fuel Ozymandias messiah savior complex) For a while it’s quiet until Enchantress teleports with the team you described as red team to the base. Seeing no Ozymandias around, Both Nubia and Black lighting make a plan to confront Adrian and his team together. To see if something is wrong ahead of them Batwing begins a scan of the base for the other team when suddenly they all become transported by a flash of blue light. Separating the large team into a small group or pairs in different parts of the massive building.

This is where Ozymandias battleground is assembled for red team to fight against “blue team.”
As the team is 10 V 6 but blue team has objectively stronger units, we would handicap majority of the battles into 2V1, 3V2, 3V1 with the exception of one 2v2.

Have Fun! :smiling_face:


Dang! You are right my team would not work Together well but they such great amounts of power i see what ur saying sooo i guess your team wins

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