Make up a lantern Corp and comment what it is!

I just was bored and wanted to know

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doesn’t DC have almost everything covered when it comes to lanterns

Grey Lantern, kinda like the Paling. It’s like life without emotion, kinda like sadness or depression. They can drain the will and emotions out of others, like severe depression, causing their victims to just give up on their quest. The constructs are very simple, boring, and foggy, looks very hazy like ghosts. Don’t know their motives yet.


Clown Lanterns. They scare everybody.


That sounds like it would make for a pretty interesting episode in GLTAS!

Omg. I just imagined a hoard of Clown Lanterns suddenly bursting from their ship to maniacally invade some random planet.
Terrifyingly awesome!

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Okay, so this is gonna be hard to explain in words, but what if there was a lantern core on the invisible spectrum that represented imaginary color? I don’t know exactly how to explain but the lantern ring would most likely rapidly flash between different colors.

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clear lanterns. They have blank faces, are monotone, and show no emotion. Kinda like spock.


@Kitty, right? Their ship lands quietly, then you hear “doo doo doo didda didda doo doo doo” circus music eminate from it and then BAM! A door pops open and an armada of brightly colored, polka dot festooned, horn honking, giggling madness pours forth! Of course, the ship is small and the Clown Lanterns just keep pouring out of it.

Their “oath” could be something like: “Be it brightest day or blackest night, we’re Clown Lanterns and we’ll scare you just right! Don’t be janky, pull on our neverending hanky!”


Hahaha I love it!

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Opal Lanterns-since opals contain a vast array of colors, Opal Lanterns fight for true balance. Some are warriors while others are healers, and they allow all things in moderation, including greed and anger.

Imagine a Time Lantern. Time is but a construct. They have rings powered by packs like the Power Gauntlet. Each gauntlet tells them the time period they have arrived in. Almost like a combination of Cable and pre-new 52 super man. They patrol time without knowing why or where. They take care of the issues that the GLC can’t take care of. They have grey slightly mechanical suits that take the form of a being of the time that will fit in. Their rings have the ability to slightly alter time in concentrated areas. They capture the enemy in a construct and time jump their weapon to be empty. Sort of like when Doctor Strange first got the Eye of Agamoto and decayed and regrew the apple.

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If colors didn’t look so much alike, I would highly recommend a Lavender Lantern Corps, which appropriately is powered by Laughter (both eight letters and both have La- + -er).

The “Party Lanterns”. Their related emotion enthusiasm. I’m not sure what color their rings are (which colors are available?).

These beings are filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Their energy is contagious. They defeat their enemies by having a party in the middle of battle, lifting their enemy’s spirits, weaponizing party favors, and so on.


Since there is now an Ultraviolet Lantern Corps, maybe the power ring fueled by partying is part of the Microwave Lantern Corps. It also fits because if there is leftover pizza, can throw it in the microwave.

I like Party Lanterns and I like Microwave Lanterns too. Smashing concepts!

The Party Lanterns can have a sparkly, silver Disco-ball colored ring.

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The Party Lantern ring fueled by enthusiasm. I called them the Party Lanterns because they like to party. But these beings are exuberant and filled with positive energy.

I’m curious what the oaths of the PLs and the MLs are.

I was trying to help @JLWWSM with the name of Microwave Lantern Corps, since she mentioned not knowing the color. The Green Lantern Corps aren’t known as the Willpower Lantern Corps, so I thought Microwave would be the color for those powered by partying.

Do silver lanterns exist? If they don’t…

Then the Silver Lantern Corps, AKA the “party lanterns”, are fueled by enthusiasm.

Sorry for the confusion, I’m a bit of a novice with all things lantern related.