This is the second week in a row where DC has stealth added a bunch of new titles to the library between Monday night and Tuesday morning. The amount of comics content is now probably about twice what it was at launch. This is good but we still have no idea what to expect moving forward.

If the library will continue to be limited, what will that limit be and when can we expect it to be revisited so that new titles added and old ones will be removed? These are important things to know because many books (including ones added today) have gaps due to missing issues that make them unreadable and the problem is largely going uncorrected from previous weeks.

Most of us have been very patient, allowing DC to take its time and get their ducks in a row. I think we deserve an explanation of what the plan is moving forward. Tell us now so that those of us who paid for a year can enjoy our subscriptions with some foreknowledge of when titles are planned to rotate out and so that those who are paying monthly can make the decision to cancel or not based on clear information and not wishful thinking for a product you are not willing or able to deliver.


They made an announcement last week about there editions. They will do the same this week. This isn’t the big announcement they’ve teased over on DCU book club

They said they’re making a big announcement at the end of the month, after the dust settles from all of the changes they are making. That’s only a few days away. I’m confident the announcement will be worth the wait.



I think the organization of crossover story arcs also needs to be improved.

The current organization of story arcs is a mess. Except for a few story arcs suggestion at the comic front page, it is difficult to identify the exact issues for the arc. For example, if you search “I am Gotham”, which is the first story arc in King’s Batman run, random issues will pop out. You will not find all the issues even if they are all on the service.

This is less of a problem for story arcs entirely contained in a single series – you will finish them following the issue orders anyway – but would be very inconvenient if you’re reading a crossover story arc.

Also, some crossover arcs are missing issues. (Night of the Monster Men in King’s run, for example)

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I litteraly had this talk on the DCUBC server

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They said the end of the month, it’s not the end of the month.


The problem is that the end of the month is too late for all the monthly subscribers who may want to jump ship if the comic selection isn’t going to meet their (probably) unrealistic expectations. As it stands it really feels like we’re being strung along so that DC can get them on the hook for another 7.99

I thought it’s when they subscribe. Like if I sub in the middle of the month on Netflix, my one month would last 30 days. Not end of the month. It should be the same as DCU subscribers.

Honestly, if it isn’t up to their standards now I don’t know what they expect. they never said it was going to be an Marvel Unlimited style size archive and it is already above what they said (3000 comics). They made it clear rotation would still happen so obviously it is not going to become everything up forever. People waiting for it to be something they never advertised it to be and have said in fact it woudln’t be should leave, and not saying that to be salty. But it isn’t going to be Marvel Unlimited obviously, so people who are only going to be happy if it becomes that are simply not going to be happy with this service. So they should leave and come back when/if it ever becomes that.

And I am sure the month ends when you sign up. People are getting the 3000 rotating comics they were told when they signed (more then that actually), I really got no sympathy for people who are saying “unless this becomes 10 times what they advertised RIGHT NOW I am leaving”… it obviously isn’t and who joines something that says it will be one thing then demands it become something 10 times more then it told you you were paying for… for the same price… or they leave, that is rediculous.


I’d argue that since we’re already over the advertised limit its important to know if additions will continue and for how long since there are still many series in this library that are incomplete or lacking in content.

Let’s say you’re a fan of a particular character who isn’t that well represented here (Flash comes to mind) or you’re reading a series like Future’s End that stops in the middle. It might be nice to know how long additions are going to continue so you have an idea if there is even a chance of more titles being added or whether you should cut your losses and invest the money you might spend on DCUniverse for another month towards the trade or a ComiXology Unlimited subscription (since this service seems to be mirroring CU more every week).

And to the point about when monthly renewals occur I would say that there were probably a lot of subscribers who signed up for a month at the end of December or beginning of January thanks to a combination of the holidays, Titans wrapping season 1, and the premier of Young Justice. If those people are unsatisfied they’re going to leave. The problem is if they feel they got bilked for the extra month they will leave even more pissed off and disappointed which means they will be a harder sell in the future.

Since the terms under which we all signed up have changed I think its only fair for DC to make the new terms clear as soon as possible. All I want to know is:

  1. What’s the library’s approximate maximum size?

  2. How frequently are titles going to rotate out to make room for new titles?

  3. How do we know when a specific title is set to rotate out?

Honestly all of this should have been announced before anything was added or subtracted since none of those questions have any bearing on specific titles and alot of aggravation would have been spared had they made these declarations clear before they pulled titles in the first in the first place.


Rumors of internal shakeups are going on. Could have something to do with that

Don’t talk about internal shakeups, that gives me anxiety. lol

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Yeah you have a big $15 investment involved now lmao, get a life dude

I said that because I like the DCU and would hate to see it go and obviously I was not actually having an anxiety hence the LOL… you know how that works you did it too. How insecure are you to take a cheap shot over THAT? And I have been here longer then 2 months so don’t know where you came up with 15 dollars but hey whatever, it had nothing to do with my point so… yay for math I guess.

@DanTheMan, I appreciate your empathy :slight_smile: DC Universe is not affected.


Thats wonderful to hear!

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Good news for sure

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