Make a DCEU Reboot

Here are the rules you need to follow.

  1. Have someone produce every film with a single director or two even.
  2. Have a director (possibly two) for only one superhero.
  3. Make every movie in order of timeline.
  4. Base it on any comics you want and tell which ones.
  5. Cast every character in the films, and keep it that way for every film.
  6. Don’t have a Justice League movie until most heroes have a solo film
  7. Don’t have a Flash Point movie until you established most of the history of the characters.
  8. Choose a director for each single characters film in it. Also that means if one is chosen for a single superhero and he has sequels you can change it if you want or keep the same director.

6.Don’t have movies such as the Justice League until most members have a solo movie.
7.Don’t make a flashpoint movie when there’s not much movie history for DCEU Flash.


Agreed. Flashpoint would be the perfect way to reboot the DCEU


Thanks for the extra rules my man. I’ll add those soon.


WB really messed up huh?


Most of the people in the forums here could have done better


True but the DCEU Justice League Flash has so little coverage no one would even understand why or what was happening.


With the only intro of Green Lantern Being the RR Flick, Can we focus a reboot on Blackest Night?


Movie 1- Green Lantern facing off against Grundy.
Movie 2- Flash in a struggle to accept that he cannot save everyone. Rival is the main villain.
Movie 3 Dr. Fate film.
Movie 4 Jim Corrigan becomes Spectre
Movie 5 Hawkman
Movie 6 Justice Society comes together.


Feels like there should be more and they should be in a different order but good ideas.

@PR0FESS0RZ00M, wouldn’t a “Blackest Night” movie need build up?

@matthew.hecht47.66946, no offense, but I prefer Justice League


No, with proper opening act nothing needs multiple movies for build up. Some ideas are easier to make as the first movie, but not need to be follow ups.
Glad you enjoyed Justice League. No offense taken.


I imagine it would need a DCEU G.L. Movie that is incorporated JL members. But if rather than Doing the GL origin first. GL pops on the screen, explains the GL Corp and the Blackest night prophecy, and they begin by addressing the Dead rising with the rings. and finish it with a Brightest Day Movie. Leave out the Tie in’s, Focus on the core Blackest night. and skip a bunch of details, It’s possible. Maybe just not Probable…

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That is kind of what I meant, a movie or 2 to show all the relevant characters first

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All story arcs will be loosely based not direct adaptations

Phase 1

1.Man of Steel (left as is)

  1. Batman solo (In his 5th year as batman so that we can have a bat family by the sequels.
    Feat Mr.Freeze, Harvey Dent, Penguin)

  2. Wonder woman

  3. Green Lantern (John Stewart as lantern mentored by hal. Flashbacks to hals orgin.
    Feat Manhunters and Sinestro in Jail helping the corps for his freedom

  4. The Flash (orgin feat Gorrilla Grod)

Phase 2

  1. Justice League
    (first meeting of the league. enemies of the heroes past fail to kill them. but together it spells Doom for the new found league)

  2. Shazam

  3. Green lantern 2
    (Black Hand as villain. Main focus is on Hal this time around. Feat BlackHand, Easter eggs for parallax and Red Lantern Corps

  4. Batman 2 Under The RedHood.
    Feat Joker, Killer Croc (Small role) Ras al ghoul and Two Face. Jason Actually kills joker in third act leading to him and Bruce’s battle where Jason Dies himself.

  5. Suicide Squad (Squad feat: HQ, Deadshot, Bane, king shark, Tattoo man, Cat Woman)

  6. Aquaman

Phase 3

  1. MOS 2
    (SM returns to earth after going to space to help GL Corps monitor something odd that grabbed the league’s attention. Is tracked by brainiac back to earth)

  2. Black Adam

  3. NightWing (4 years after leaving batman Dick grayson finds himself in Bludhaven battling an crime syndicate lead by ScareCrow. Noire mystery movie with the scarecrow being reveled how darth maul was in Solo)

  4. Worlds Finest (Batman/Superman team up. Feat Lex luthor, Riddler and Metallo)

  5. Titans
    (Dick grayson is given the assignment to start titans from the JLA. Tim Drake joins as well but as punishment from batman to become a more rounded hero. Tim’s orgin would be shown. Death Stroke as villain)

Phase 4

  1. Wonder woman 2

  2. Green lantern 3
    ( parallax takes over hals body. Death of Hal setting up for new lantern in JL2. Feat Sinestro, guy gardener, kyle Rainer)

  3. Justice League 2
    (league meets Darkside on apocalypse and lose batman, Aquaman and Alot of B list heroes. Kyle Rainer joins the league and Dick Grayson Takes the mantle as batman)



Well, that counts me out of this thread. I think George Miller was onto something when he wanted to make a Justice League film without any movies leading into it. Imagine if 20th Century Fox had wasted years giving us a Storm film, a Cyclops film, a Marvel Girl film, a Professor X film, a Wolverine film, and a Rogue film before finally getting around to making the first X-Men movie.

The Avengers had to drag its feet because no one liked the Avengers. It didn’t have decades of popular adaptations behind it as a foundation for general audiences. The Justice League was in a much better position to jump in with little lead-in thanks to Super Friends and the DCAU.


This is ignoring any pre-established film universe. Also, I’m gonna do these a few at a time because making a universe is hard I’ll number them for continuity sake.

  1. Superman- Brad Bird- Taking place about 3 years into is hero career it loosly follows “What’s so funny about truth, justice, and the American way” It ends with Superman proposing to Lois, Lex Luthor has a Cameo that establishes his xenophobia, and a post-credit scene teases Batman.

  2. The Flash- Andy Muchietti- About a year into Barry Allen donning the costume, an accident causes his nephew Wally West to gain the same abilities he has. During this time Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Heat Wave, and Trickster have decided to team up forming the rogues. It ends with Wally suiting up as Kid Flash to help Barry, And a post-credit sees Grodd breaking out the Rogues.

  3. Green Lantern- Guirrermo Del Toro- I begins with John Stewart receiving his ring and meeting his training officer Hal Jordan, The two initially don’t get along, they learn to work together as they investigate a series of destroyed planets. It turns out it is a space station called War World. It ends with a battle between the two Lanterns and Mongul as the other Lanterns battle his forces. It will see countless cameos by other Green Lanterns, Sinestro mentioned as a Lantern who abused his power, Guy Gardener teased, and a post-credit sees a ring make its way to Kyle Rayner.

  4. Superman: American Alien- Beginning with Clark telling Lois she’s pregnant, and their is tension between the two throughout the story. Superman is met by the Martian Manhunter, who tells of experiments performed on Aliens by the government and Lex Luthor. It will likely follow “Superman Birthright” with Clark delving into his Heritage, and a fake invasion staged by Luthor. Batman Has two Cameos at the beginning to establish his relationship with Clark and towards the end fighting off the invasion. There’s also a Flash and Green Lantern cameo/tease and a pre-Metallo John Corben. The end sees a fight between Superman and Bizarro, Luthor not only getting away with it, but running for President, and a tease of Superboy. Two post-credits will see Braniac, and Wonder Woman

  5. Wonder Woman- Lexi Alexander- Opens on Diana waiting to be introduced to a crowd of people, she then flashes back briefly to her childhood, and then to Meeting Steve Trevor for the first time who tells her of man’s world She Chooses to fight as she determines it must be Ares, she later realizes it is not. It will loosely follows the Justice league episode “A Savage Time” as Vandel Savage has taken over the Axis powers and upgraded their tech due to his communication with his future self. We see cameos by Sargent Rock, the Blackhawks, and via newsreel the JSA. The end finds her beating Savage, the Axis thawing a frozen Hitler Diana choosing to go back to Themiscara returning years later meeting Steve as an old man. The post-credit will see the other half of her introduction to the crowd. Revealed it is taking place after the fake Krypton Invasion. As she walks out we see a cameo of Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter. Following her introduction by the President, he introduces the group as the Justice League of America.

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I would rather the next DCAMCU(prefer to call it this) to have shared writers then a shared director well still keeping with two directors.

superman man of tomorrow would need to be the start.

start with a two part batman movie first year zero linked with catwoman year zero were it starts with the birth of batman via bruce falling down into the cave, parents die with bruce in a walking boot, Selina Kyle porched on the roof, have the cat come down comfort the boy as Tompkins arrives calling the cops, Gordian arrives and gives bruce, his coat for warmth, Selina raised by Dr Tompkins, bruce making his vow, Selina gets caught stealing forced dr Tompkins forces her to be too busy to steal, they meet up again at wild cats gym, bruce then begins his training, Selina has a bad experince in collage gets arested, becomes and enforcer for stan the pimp after being released from blackgate. bruce rtraining with several masters one in smallvillie Kansas were he meets and befriends clark kent, then with a airplain travel sequence happening. bruce meets Talia al Ghu and has makes his deposit, bruce ends his training in japan beating Kyodai Ken, Selina meets and begins caring for and training holly robertson. bruce returns to gotham transitioning to year 1.

gordan year zero were we find out about gordans history before becoming a cop, ending with the death of the waynes.

wonderwoman year zero, Hippolyta in mans during wwI and WWII traveling with Myrina. movie ends with the pair’s roll in the hay with darkseid and Zuse.

wonder woman year 1 based off warbringer.

flash year one Origin and traning by Jay Gareck
auqaman year 1, auqaman faces ocean master fro the thrown

green lanter and star sapphire year one hal and caral each getting there ring and training.

shazam year 1.
Justice leauge year zero: birth of cyborg and starro.

the wedding of superman: superman faces off against…live wire well getting ready to marry lois lane,.

harly quinn origin.

batman year 2 war of jokes and riddles. ends with bat taking cat to c the circus.

rise of Nightwing. batcat moments, batgirl introduce birddy bg moments.

wonder woman: Supergirl

Flash: reverse flash meets iris, fights his nemmissis for the first time.

aquaman: Mera
superman birth of super girl, superman has a daugter, post credits has talia desides to use her collected essense of bat to birth a son and daughter.

year five: constintine and raven: family ties

harly quinn and poison ivy.

suicide squad.

batman year ten: daughter of the bat: tailia has bat meet his daughter as distraction. cat and taila throw down.

superdaugters: batman daughter meets superman daughter starts team that starts with being babysat by supergirl. birth of powergirl

Justice leauge dark

green lanter: war of light

batman year 10 Knightfall,

batman year 11: wedding of the bat.

justice league year 11:Evasion of crime sindikit.

Doomsday origins.

The death of superman: keep point green lanters shot off world when they see the new earth doomsday, batman fighting doomsday in helbat armor for hours, superman dies at dawn.
return of superman,

juctice leauge year `12 war with Apokolips

superman year 12: hunter/pray

year 13 all:blackest night

greenlantern year 14: Marrage Hal jordan finally overcomes his fear of commitment and marries caral ferris.

batman year 14: the return of bruce wayne
Justice leauge year 15: the fall of Darkseid.

batman year 15: the cort of owls

Under the red hood.
rise of the outlaws:

all year 20: metal

batman year 21: the prodcial son. the bat family must face batmans son.

flash year 25 flash point.

really big batman fan so thats why i focused more on him.


Since when good art is so formulaic.
The problem is not following certain kind of guidelines. If that were the case every studio would succeed in making movies every time.
Have a solid script, make the story meaningful and engaging, have good performances, set a tone for the movie. Marketing Analyst wish they could come up with a formula for success in movie business. The only rule I suggest is don’t suck


I guess you can have a Justice League movie without solo films coming first to set the characters up, but I think it would be better to make people hyped for what’s long to come just like the MCU did, and I’m not saying to just copy them, that’s one to the reasons why the DCEU didn’t have a good start.