Mairghread Scott on DC

I reccomend the read. Personally I just can’t do this anymore. I have no idea what the corporate culture of the comics branch of DC is like. I have never worked there. All I have are the litmus tests of what we can measure from outside, and they keep coming back red with people like Eddie and Cameron. Mairghread’s story isn’t the worst, it was just the one that broke the surface tension of an overfilled cup that should have been empty. It lifted it beyond the lone bad seeds and confirmed culture problems which is where bad seeds thrive.

I never wore my community lantern ring. Was never comfortable with idea of such things, always makes me think of Die Welle. But if i can make it mean something, let it be when I am turning it in. The comics industry needs to do better, until then I am spending my money elsewhere.

Ring status report. Violet lantern sector 2814 resigned. Scan for replacement sentient initiated.


This story makes me sad and has me wondering if Percy had been invited to any summits before “higher ups” decided to shoot Nightwing in the head in a different book. Percy’s run and the beginning of Scott’s run seemed like they were going to have related storyarcs and crossovers/collaboration. I assume that was one of the big rewrites.

A good article on the subject:

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