MAD Magazine is discontinued...

Another DC property we’re losing:


The end of an institution. What a feshluggena world.

You can’t say DC didn’t try… they went all out when they relaunched the magazine last year. Some of MAD’s best work ever. The sales just weren’t there.


Wow, grew up reading Mad. My first exposure to a lot of films came through Mad before I saw the movie. I distinctly remember The French Connection, Planet of the Apes and The Godfather as Mad parodies when I was too young to see them.


It is a shame. But there are so many parodies done in vignette form on tv today, I can see why it didn’t fare as well. And the media cycle is so short, a monthly mag can’t keep up. Maybe they could launch it as a digital weekly with only a 4-8 page, high news cycle, parody a week?


Dang, I didn’t know MAD was a DC property. I didn’t read it, but I had seen some odd episodes of the TV show when I was littler. Stinks that MAD’s gone now.

Very disappointing to hear, but I’ve never purchased a Mad Magazine so I guess I’m part of the problem

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Whoa. Read MAD for years as a kid. What a history, going back to when EC folded and Gaines brought all those artists to MAD with him. What a legacy!


An update:

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Being that MAD was a DC publication of sorts, that technically makes Mad TV a DC show.

ponders if Mad TV will come to DCU, knowing it actually won’t

I hope the mag can continue, but understand why it has sadly lost its foothold. I was so very tempted to start reading it on a continual basis when the new series started but I reluctantly had to pass for budgetary reasons.

When I think of MAD, Sergio Aragones’ art comes to mind as does reading my brother’s issues of it when I was a kid.

There’s also this:


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Which means Bendis will reach into the DC character archives and one of these will appear in Action Comics


If Bendis puts this guy in Superman, I’ll be stoked. Like jumping around in brightest day stoked.

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“ponders if Mad TV will come to DCU”

Sounds like a questions for Office Hours! :slight_smile:


@Mae MAD TV is owned by Warner Brothers Television and relates to a publication put out by DC, so it could work in theory.

Actually, I’d rather see the DC segments of the MAD cartoon from a few years back pop up here.

Ms. Swan: “Who are you?”

Batman: “I’m Batman.”

Ms. Swan: “No, no. You no looka likea Bat. You Rubber Suit Man.”

Batman: “I am vengeance, I am the night! I…am…the god damn… BATMAN!”

Ms. Swan: “You so silly! Bye.”

Batman: “Stuart, I’m Batman. Come quickly, I’m here to save you.”

Stuart: “I don’t want to.” Starts running in circles. “Stranger danger, don’t touch me Rubber Suitman.”

Batman: “Stuart, we don’t have time for this.”

Stuart: “Why do you have nipples on your suit?”

Batman touches the earpiece in his mask. “Alfred, I was too late, the kid’s not here. Exhilarating, now.”