MAD For Swamp Thing

MAD FOR SWAMP THING provides a hysterical look back at classic horror stories from the rich comic book history of the Avatar of the Green. From Alan Moore’s seminal run in the 1980s to Swamp Thing’s New 52 reboot, every era is celebrated with hilarious hot takes from celebrity guests.

Check out the links below to read Swamp Thing!

Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing

New 52’s Swamp Thing


Love these mini-docuseries!

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Hilarious. Do more, please! Light and enjoyable! Having an established, good comics writer in Marc Andreyko compliment and contrast the funny comments from the Mad staff and comedians is a great move. I’m sad there’s only four episodes. Best part is the puns!

I’m sad to say I have only ever read that Winter special thing.

Hilarious? Not really my take on that. It seemed like people just retelling what happened. Some low hanging fruit stuff. Hard to crack jokes on an event like a woman screwing the corpse of her dead husband that is possessed by her blood uncle.
Then again, like Abby’s sex life, comedy is relative.