Mad about Heroes in Crisis

Ok, who else is mad as hell about heroes in crisis? They make a whole deal about bringing Wally West(many people’s favorite Flash and in my opinion the best Flash) and now they unceremoniously kill him for no reason other than shock value in a story that has nothing to do with him as a character. Plus they kill Roy Harper, who although I do not like that much is still an important character that many people relate with and with his personal journey. It’s disrespectful to both the characters and the fanbase that developed for them throughout their 50+ year histories.


I don’t feel like Roy or Wally’s death are permanent though. There seems to be something off. And I don’t think Harley or Booster Gold did it. I feel like there is something else going on.

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I heard I rumor it could be zoom who came to Sanctuary disguised as Wally it would maske sense seeing the “the puddlers are dead” message left by the boddies seeing how zoom is all about doing terrible things to make heros better.

I hope you’re right. DC has been a real roller coaster for me the last few years. 52 really destroyed a lot of my interest to the point where I pretty much stopped reading. Rebirth rekindled it and slowly I started reading again. Part of the reason I subscribed to this service was so I could go back and read what I missed and stay update on what’s new. With Wally being my favorite character and legacy being one of my favorite aspects of the DCU the titles I started delving back in with were The Flash and Titans so this event has really hampered my excitement to continue.


I think Wally is a character we all hold dear to our hearts and I think DC gets that. I actually like parts of the new 52 especially the start of Wonder Woman’s comics because they were so interesting with the art and mythology in the story

I dont mind. I just hope the deaths stick for a while. We kinda figured Roy was gonna die, theyve been building towards it. And his send off in Red Hood recently all but confirmed they’d be killing him off. Wally was a surprise though. I just hope they tell a good story thats worthy of them killing off these characters. But its comics, I dont see the point of getting worked up over a “death” that can be changed whenever the company decides they want to use a character again.

Basically this was Didio’s way of screwing over Redhead Wally West and his fans. I’m starting to think he has too much faith in this streaming service that he thinks the comics could go back to the same new 52 quality before and that they won’t lose too much money. Funnily enough i was going to get DC universe this week but i’m probably gonna wait until some or all of titans season 1 is released. Hey, i gonna get back at them for screwing over my fave character somehow.

How many times are they going to kill Wally off? This is his THIRD “death” in the last two years. Give the character a storyline in one title that doesn’t require his death, PLEASE!


Hmm if only one of the main characters in this story was known for time travel…

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Loved the beginning of this story. Although I was really shocked to see Wally on the floor. Had the same feeling about Nightwing last week. …buts it’s comics so no stays dead.

I’ll have to see where it goes, only the first issue is out so far.