Luke Fox is Becoming The Next Bruce Wayne Of The DC Universe

Following the events of Joker War, Fear state, and Harley Quinn 2022 Annual. Luke Fox had made a decision to abandon his role as Batwing with a new identity that puts greater emphasis on his civilian role rather than being a mere costume hero.

This could have bigger effects in the future where his brother Jace is also a Batman in New York for Luke Fox to focus entirely excelling in occupying a role that Bruce Wayne has for a long time.

As the “iron man of Gotham” Luke Fox as Batwing was a tech-savy genius whose expert knowledge in science, engineering, and tech made a valuable member of the Bat-family especially when working from the Belfry during the James Tynion Detective Comics run to be the brains after Tim on the team. Modifying the Team’s weaponry and base in Tim’s absence.

In Batwing’s solo series, Luke Fox’s heroism is described by Batman as something that comes natural to him, his second nature. Comparably, Bruce Wayne and many others in Gotham are defined by the tragedy, the way that crime affected them that defined their decision to become a hero.
For Luke Fox, being the son of Lucius Fox and seeing the influence the Bat symbol has had over his family, luke was inspired by a ethos of Justice and altruism that lingered with him that inspired his choice to become a hero and later adopt the mantle of Batwing.

His decision to abandon the Batwing Mantle entirely for something unique to him where he can focus on being a leader or just being Luke Fox is something that Bruce Wayne has previously done before, usually when he was temporarily incapacitated and he leads others in the background. But unlike Bruce, Luke can become more involved as a civilian and still work with heroes to possibly do more than he was able as Batwing.


Luke Fox’s philanthropy, his intelligence, and even his bachelor lifestyle mirror a lot of characteristics that Bruce Wayne has. The most critical difference being is that Bruce Wayne(depending on the writer) usually sees himself as a mask to his real self and that’s mostly as Batman and the traumatized man who detaches himself from his ordinary life and relationships to focus entirely on being the Batman with or without the cowl.

Likewise, Luke faced this problem in his series and shows how he couldn’t find balance between his personal life and that of Batwing with his family being usually caught in that crossfire.

His sister Tam getting the worse of it and becoming paralyzed by ratcatcher.

So it’s likely unlike Bruce, Luke will decide to be closer to his loved ones by forgoing his superhero life.

As opposed to being Batwing or even the new superhero he created that kinda resembles Black Panther.

Recently, the introduction or rather “reintroduction” of (Tim) Jace Fox as the new Batman and his operations in New York has also highlighted members of the Fox Family like Lucius Fox (who is currently the richest man in the world following the events of Joker’s war) and Tiffany Fox who is strongly hinted at becoming her own hero in the I Am Batman series and in a future state story.

Luke Fox, who is seamlessly absent in the current John Ridley Batman books might return following his new pathos and possible new mantle that could hint at his new future as somebody able to help his brother and New York City the same way Bruce Wayne has for years in Gotham but in his own way.


Great! Put David Zavimbe back where he belongs.

I hate Luke Fox as Batwing. As Batman, it could make sense, but David Zavimbe will always be the true Batwing!


Oh absolutely. With Batman incorporated back we really should seem him take the mantle again. We really need the Batman of Africa to return.


I love Luke Fox as Batwing. I didn’t really enjoy the Harley Quinn weekly story - I didn’t think it portrayed Luke as very smart or effective. I would love for him to return to the spotlight, but hopefully not in stories like Task Force XX or the Future State: Grifters storyline.


It’s funny to think now but in Batwing’s solo series, people constantly thought Luke Fox was Batman despite him saying he’s not like multiple times. It’s ironic considering only half a decade later, his brother Jace would totally be cool allowing people to call him that.

At some point I would have just accepted it.

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Man I hated that one. Luke would never betray the Bat-family like that, especially for entirely selfish reasons.


Yeah, I reread it a week or so ago, and was mad all over again.


I already died on this Batwing hill to make it clear what I think about Luke but I gotta bring this up. :laughing:

This panel from Detective Comics #957 is my favorite.

This one page basically summarize when I say Luke is just like Bruce.

In the upper larger panel we see Luke’s HQ which looks like his own Batcave.

The middle panels has Luke introduce Kate to Rookie. A robot that is his assistant/partner like Alfred.

The bottom panels have Luke look freakin amazing and show him debriefing information with Kate to solve a problem like a true detective.