Luke Fox Comics

So does anybody Know a good Luke Fox Batwing comic series?

He’s sprinkled in James Tynion’s detective run

You want the 2011 Batwing series. Luke takes over the role in issue #20.


Is that a good series?

It’s not bad!


Second HCQ’s comments. Palmiotti’s Batwing run is very readable. It probably won’t get many nominations for GOAT, but it’s fun.

I also liked the new 52 Batwing run. This is probably just personal preference , but I kind of like the first half of the run with David Zavimbe as Batwing better. Not that Luke Fox as Batwing was bad in any way (in fact it was really good imo), I just liked David Zavimbe’s character.

I’ll also throw in that he has an interesting part in Batman Eternal where he and Spectre work together, but that’s a longer read, and their thing is kind of a subplot in the story.

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All of New 52 Batwing is great. The Luke Fox stuff isn’t as good, though. Outside of a few appearances in other series (Batman Eternal, Batgirl, etc.) that’s really all there is to read about him, unfortunately. He’s such a good character, though and I really hope someone does something cool with him in the near future.

Yes new 52 was badass

tosses a coin into the “I liked Batwing too.” bucket

Fun book.

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