Lucifer Sketch

Here’s a sketch of Lucifer I did recently. I’m absolutely AWFUL at faces, I am aware. Just wanted to share this. Probably going to post more art in the near future.


I really like your sig (something I’ve never been creative enough to come up with for myself) and the bottom half of the wings! And faces are the worst. Them and hair. Hair is forever my nemesis. Every character in existence would be rocking Luther cue ball tops if it were left to me.

You’re not nearly as bad at faces as you say, though! You just need to play with your proportions/positioning. I hope you don’t mind me grabbing your drawing to demonstrate, but I shifted the features around according to the 1/3 rule (basically, distance between hairline [sans bangs] and brows = distance between brows and nose = distance between nose and chin). This is NOT written in stone, and features differ from person to person, but if you’re ever feeling like something isn’t quite right on your drawing, you can adjust accordingly and it’ll often help. Anyway, I didn’t draw over your work whatsoever - that’s 100% your talent at work, so you can see how just moving things around can make a difference.

I’m WAY more comfortable with traditional art than digital, but digital art is a great way to practice because when something strikes you as off, you can move stuff around until you figure out what was causing the problem. If you don’t have any digital art programs available, you can just snap a photo with your phone and then use a site like

Hope that helps and you don’t mind the unsolicited advice! I just felt bad seeing you call your face awful when it’s far from it – especially b/c I share your pain when it comes to getting faces right


Huh… :dizzy_face: So the drawing I attached can’t be seen on my app or tablet, most of my comment vanished on the app — but I can see everything on my laptop. Sorry about that

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Don’t worry about the pic, and thanks for the advice! Drawing is more of a hobby for me than anything else, which means I don’t really practice it and I’ve never really been taught proper proportions. Any comments you have are welcome!

If that helps, that was the drawing. But yeah, 1/3 rule is great, since it’s simple enough that even if you don’t practice often, you can use it :slight_smile:

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Very nicely done, @Batwing52! :smiley: I really do enjoy how crisp his suit looks.

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Man I wished I could draw as good as you