Lucifer Season 5

So I finally got into and finished Lucifer on Netflix and I’m not going to lie. It is a lot better than I initially thought when it first came out a few years ago. It sort of dragged its feet at the start, but once it knew where it wanted to be it was amazing. Season 4 in particular was really good and didn’t feel as restricted like the other seasons thanks to Netflix giving the showrunners all the freedom they deserved.

Oh and I hope we get a fifth season because that S4 finale is begging for a lot of questions. You guys should all get on to giving it a try and support it.


I’ve quite enjoyed the few episodes of S4 I’ve seen so far. Good stuff.

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I will agree it had a slow start. The first season was enjoyable, but I would not have missed it if it was cancelled. The second season was amazing and I never want it to be cancelled now…

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