Lucifer on Netflix's

It’s only been a few weeks but if Netflix’s cancels Lucifer DC Universe should definitely step in


Yeah. To make a new and better version of it.

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It’s getting a lot of attention and views so I’m assuming it’ll be on Netflix for another two seasons or so.

It’s been 3 weeks no word yet Netflix would normally be fast to pick a show up we would gladly take it over here

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Can we get John Constantine on Lucifer Matt Ryan

This is strange Lucifer cancelled again after next season 5 if Warner media doesn’t DC Universe should definitely pick it up or get the series

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At least now they know it’s the end so they can properly finish the story instead of leaving things on a cliffhanger like the Fox cancellation.

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That whole Fox thing was strange after they defeated cane season should of ended but it went on for 2 more eps that was very strange

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@David, Fox cancelled it, but the last 2 episodes were intended for season 4. They filmed 2 extra episodes in season 2 that were aired in season 3. Season 3 filmed the right number of episodes, but they used the 2 extra from season 2, so they still had 2 extra. Lucifer was thought to be guaranteed for a 4th season at Fox, but Fox suddenly cancelled it. Even episode counts looked positive b 1=13, 2=18, 3=24 then 26 episodes.

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That was odd but hey whatever works

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I love this show hate to see it end

It was confirmed for season 5 a few days ago.

Yes but season 5 will be the last season

@anerdwonder love the pic I’m a big green arrow fan

Huge Fan of Lucifer on Netflix all the way back when it was on Fox. I would not hate to see it go farther than a fifth season but, happy to see it end on it’s terms. Great job DC / Vertigo .

I was holding out hope to see John Constantine on Lucifer

Glad the show is going out on their own timetable. The way fox left it was weird, can’t wait for maze’s storyline to wrap up.

I kinda wanted some Lucifer character to pop up in crisis this fall. Well, guess we get Tom welling. Not sure yet what secret he is hiding tho

Seeing Constantine show up in an episode of Lucifer would be great. It doesn’t have to be some elaborate storyline or team up. I’d be happy with a simple easter egg like John having a drink at Lux or Lucifer accidentally bumping into him on the street.

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