Loving the Old Comics and New Ones

Since joining this Community, I feel at home here. I am reading The Spectre and Hitman. Hitman is my personal favorite and love reading it. It should be on either HBO Max or Amazon. The same with the Spectre. The series should combine the previous runs of Jerry Siegel, John Ostrander, and Denis O’Neil.


i read American Vampire 1976. Loved it. Ready for more! And im now reading Harleen . SO many others i want and plan on reading also, love Dc Universe Infinite!


Hitman is a wildly fantastic, off-kilter in the best way, series.

I would love to see it get some TV love, especially on HBO Max. My dream Hitman series would be animated (and TV-14 at minimum), and mirror the art aesthetics of the book in its character and production designs.

I definitely agree with you. Animation is the way so that it will remain faithful to the comics.

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I love American Vampire and waiting for the final chapter to the story.