Loved Swamp thing's pilot however

So not one mention of a certain alien that actually exists like Superman? I’m referencing Alec’s line about alien autopsy, among other things, it is very self contained for now, it is a pilot, i’m not expecting a crossover with Constantine but damn the opening for magic is there. your thoughts on the issues?

ehh no…the alien autopsy was a joke about the 1990’s Fox tv alien autopsy special they did…


Call me crazy they can’t get Constantine how about that crazy sorcerer from Doom Patrol he wasn’t bad at those two Swamp Thing that sorcerer Blue Devil and Madame Xanadu we have a shadow p a c t

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I like how self-contained it is,
Personally. Thats how it should start and that’s how Alan Moore’s run starts.


It’s been mentioned in interviews before Swamp Thing Is more than likely going to be a self-contained universe

Well, Constantine is a Swamp Thing character that got his own spinoff (Hellblazer) so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. They’ve already introduced Madame Xanadu. I’m not sure Matt Ryan will play him though.

I guess it all depends on how insistent fans are that they want continuity. I am old enough to remember when DC didn’t worry so much about continuity. That’s why the Atlantis Flash visited looked nothing like the Atlantis of Lori Lemaris in the Superman books or the city that Aquaman ruled. Then DC slowly started to emulate Marvel where everything had to fit in one tight continuity. And while this did enhance several concepts or stories it also caused problems in other areas. So I guess the question is: how necessary is continuity to Swamp Thing?

I guess if there is a loud enough clamor for it DC will listen just as HBO did to the negative feedback to Game Of Thrones and has appeared to put all prequels on hold until they can gauge the reaction to the pilot they have already committed themselves to.

He says “an alien autopsy, pretty sure it was fake though”. The reference is to the notoriously fake “Alien Autopsy: fact or fiction” released on the Fox Network in 1995. Imo, this doesnt imply anything at all beyond Holland using humor to deal with uncomfortable situations.
With that said, I think it would be hard to keep the horror effective if Superman or any other op super-being is a scream away. So I imagine they will stick to more obscure and vulnerable DC characters who fit with the supernatural themes.


So far Swamp Thing is not set in the same universe as Titans and Doom Patrol. So as far as we know Superman doesn’t exist like he does in those shows, or Starfire or the Negative Spirit, etc.