Love & War: The Queer Romances of DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS

Celebrate LGBTQ culture and Pride Month with the DC Bombshells.

This article takes a look at some of the most infamous queer romances throughout the DC Universe.

I know personally, I have always wanted someone to look at me the way Ivy looks at Harley. What about you guys?

You can check out the article in the News section of the app or alternatively copy and paste this link: Love & War: The Queer Romances of DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS


Hey, whoever wrote this thing did a pretty good job!


I never have met the guy, but I heard he can write well. I have to agree with you @HCQ the article is fantastic. :slight_smile:


These Pride Month articles have been a real pleasure to write. It’s an honor to celebrate DC’s diversity this month. I think you’ll really like next week’s article, Pud.


I loved the Alan Scott of the new Earth 2. It was great that his relationship was just a normal part of who he is, nothing big or shocking.

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