Love the Harley Quinn comics on DCU

I have just finished reading the 2013 and 2016 Harley Quinn series, or rather the issues on here anyway.

And just wanted to say that I loved it. Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner seem to be masters at combing humor, dark themes, unpredictable twist and violence to create stories that are just fun to read. I am so glad I got a chance to check these out as I doubt I ever would have if they had not been on DCU.

Hope to eventually see the rest of the 2013 series and more of the 2016 series, as well as some of the mini-series and specials on here (still kicking myself for not reading the valentines special and the Harley Quinn and Power Girl mini-series before they were rotated out of here).

But even if they don’t it was so much fun to get to read what was on here. So thanks to DC Universe for making them available. Now… on to Power Girl!


I really like power girl and Harley put together

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Yeah they are a great duo playing well of each others differences.

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The best part of this service to me is discovering comics I otherwise never would have read. I’ve been waiting for something like this for years and am so glad it’s finally here.

(Okay… if I’m being honest the BEST part is the return of Young Justice. But the library is a close second.)


Oh I love that about it, and love the library as a whole. Due to financial reasons I had to stop having a pull years ago and even sold most of my very large collection I accumulated over about 25 years. I still would but a comic or a trade when I could, but I missed being able to read comics like I used to as I still love the medium. Having something like this is amazing, hell I was happy even with the old library before the revamp, but now it is amazing.

Saw they just added the Harley Quinn Valentines day special. So going to be reading that tomorrow. Love they keep adding such great stuff.

I don’t get Harley Quinn Its just not my cup of tea BUT I’m sure that those who like her are thankful its here.

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