Love the App and DC but...I have some Suggestions.

I was reading the Power Girl series and read all the way Up to #11, only to find out it goes up to 27 issues. If you add a series, have its complete run so I can read it all. Also this app needs to be available to download on more devises. Like the Xbox or PS4. I’m not going to buy a Roku to use one App, so I have to read and watch everything on my phone. That’s kinda annoying. I also read the complete library of comics is coming in October…but it is now November and no complete library. I may be “asking a lot”, but we pay for this service, so it should be the best it can be


You gonna be sad mad when you realize what the "complete library coming’ really means. … lol

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On Power Girl, that specific run actually finishes at twelve, and a new creative team comes in after that.

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Sad mad? Meaning? And oh I wasn’t aware of that :confused: Thanks for the info

The full library isn’t going to be included with the subscription. It’s going to be like Comixology. Per issue/ trade purchase if you want to read more.

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And you know this because you work for DC?