Love Supergirl Salute Article!

My words exactly, except I loved it then and I love it now.:rocket:


But they said she was the first super heroine in a movie but didn’t the Wonder Woman movie come out like 9 years before that???

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Television series?

Just read it. Nice read

@Yazov No, Wonder Woman was a television series and there was a made for tv movie. Neither were released theatrically

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Hot off the press!
From the eternal wisdom of our editor-in-chief, it has been helpfully pointed out that "while there were two ‘Wonder Woman’ TV movies (which you can watch on the site) in the ‘70s, ‘Supergirl’ was the first theatrical film featuring — and the first time people paid money to watch — an American superheroine on screen. And tell them ‘thank you for the kind words, we love Supergirl as much as they do!’ " The more you know! <3


It’s a good read, but a couple minor mistakes (I’m assuming the writer is young, so I understand). Supergirl was already into production when Superman III came out, so they really had no idea what Superman III’s box office reaction was going to be when this movie was greenlit. I’m guessing the writer took that info from Wikipedia entry, which is incorrect.