Love In Comics Superhero vs Vigilante's A Rant

Dc comics and comics, in general, seem to have a policy about who gets to be with their romantic partners and who does not. It boils down to Superhero’s tend to get to be happy and have their romantic partners, well (Non-Powered) Vigilante’s get to just being hero’s but miserable.

Let’s compare the two men of the Trinity: Superman, and Batman, the ultimate buddy cops. Super-powered hero’s get to be happy. Look at Superman, he was never supposed to have Lois Lane or Lana Lang, yet he gets to marry Lois starting in superman 2 (he is all winey about it). Once Lois dies, he gets Wonder Woman. In every elseworld tale since the '90s and earth two outside the dark multiverse, he gets to marry Lois (excluding the red sun) and then gets Wonder Woman when she dies.

Well, at least he can’t have kids with humans and amazons…wait, he does have a kid with Lois with created equal 2000 and gets to have one with Wonder woman in Kingdom come, Act of God, DKN series he gets 2. So DC caves to fan pressure for the return of Lois and Clark instead of super wonder, and he also gets to have his kid with her. Well, I guess outside of Injustice, Superman gets to be happy.

As for Batman, he gets 20 years with Catwoman and a daughter Helena Wayne on earth-two. Then he causes Catwomen, then causes her death…and dies a year later. Batman does get to settle down with Catwoman in the nail else world…after seeing Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordan tortured to death by the joker, in Kingdom come…well, in his old age, he seems to get to settle down with Catwoman he gets a son… Ibn al Xu’ffasch…with Talia Al Ghul…who he knows nothing about until he is fully grown. And was conceived so Talia could get Bruce to help her father. Later, Ibn al Xu’ffasch becomes cannon as Damian Wayne… Batman learns about him until at age 10 (well 8 in The Wayne family chronicles)
Well, with the only woman he could ever truly love, Catwoman in new earth, he gets to have Helena kyle with Catwoman ya she has to give her up and does not tell him it’s his baby. Still, he suspects it and respects her decisions…wait, no, according to cannon (but not my headcanon), Helena kyle is Slam Bradley Jr.'s. You see, Selina is so responsible with Bruce, whom she has loved for years and was still sleeping with really right up to Infinite crisis. But no, she has a one-night stand with Jr. and gets pregnant because she was not careful… no, that makes no sense to me that baby is Bruces!!! Which makes Selina having to give her up all that much worse.

Wait in Earth-2; we get Helena Wayne…wait Selina dies in front of her daughter in bruces arms horribly when the girl is around 12 years old, and he sacrifices himself when she is 15…wait, birds of prey (tv show) wait Bruce does not raise Helena. Selina gets killed by a plan of The Joker’s that also involves shooting barbara gordan, causing Bruce to kill the joker.

Well, in 52, we get Helena Wayne of earth 2…however, it is intended to be the Huntress of the original earth-two by one of its creators…however, her mother is unknown but likely Selina Kyle. wait, Batman gets killed by the joker in this universe at an unspecified point (I can find the annual this appears in on DC infinite)
oh wait, Batman, the brave, and the bold Knights of tomorrow…he gets to have Damian Wayne with Selina…wait he they get brutally killed by Joker Jr in front of Damian when the boy is around 12.

Well, there is Batman, vol 3 Annual Number 2, and Catwoman’s 80th-anniversary story Helena…wait, both of those are possibly connected to Batman/Catwoman.
Also, there’s the fact that, well, Batman does seem to be together with Catwoman in the infinite frontier. He does not get to spend much time with her. His son with Talia ran away…because he is still a brat, and instead of dragging his butt home as a good older brother should, Dick lets him go back to a death match tournament. (and likely got punched in the face hard by Jason off-screen)
yet despite the fans wanting Batman and Catwoman together…there is literally a bonus feature video Batman Hush that states that because fans want them together, they will never be together.

So I think this proves there is a policy that vigilantes cant be as happy in DC as the superheroes and that there seemed to be a policy that batman cant be happy. However, this batman policy appears to be gone: Batman The Long Halloween parts 1 and 2, Injustice (movie), The Wayne Family Chronicles, and Batman has had more happy moments in the comics. And other vigilantes seem to be being given happy moments more and more often; superheroes are having a bit less.

However, what do you guys think of my rant? Are vigilantes happier now, and are superheroes having more sad moments?