looking for titles

I’m looking for stories featuring Dr Occult. Did he have his own books? Any books that showcase his character?

Dr. Occult first appeared in New Fun #6 (1936), two years before Superman.
He then continued to appear in New Fun, staying on when the comic changed its name to More Fun Comics.
Interestingly Dr. Occult disappeared from comics the same month Superman first appeared.

He was not seen again until All-Star Squadron #49 in 1985, a few months into Crisis on Infinite Earths (playing an important role in #11 and 12).
He missed out on the entire Silver Age and almost all of the Bronze Age.

The following year, he took part in the end scene of Swamp Thing’s ‘American Gothic Saga’ appearing in #49 and 50. While his role wasn’t any bigger than anyone else’s, it has become a key story for DC’s mystic characters.

He ended up becoming part of the Trenchcoat Brigade, which was a small group of mystic-based characters tasked with initiating the young Tim Hunter into the world of magic in The Books of Magic. They would eventually get their own mini-series years later.
The Trenchcoat Brigade’s appearances were in Vertigo comics, so those won’t be appearing here.

Dr. Occult has not had his own title, but he did get his own story in Secret Origins (1986) #17.

He also appeared in JSA: Strange Adventures, which is on here (but missing an issue).

And he did get his own Special at Vertigo, which I had forgotten about.
Vertigo Visions: Dr. Occult #1.

He appeared in Day of Judgment, becoming a member of the Sentinels of Magic (really Justice League Dark prototype 1.5).
And then Reign in Hell

The New52 version appeared in Justice League Dark (2011) #12.