Looking for Recommendations

TL;DR: Long time DC fan, has not read a comic since the reboot. Looking for recommendations to warm me up to it and get me back into the modern stuff.

So I am a long time fan of DC. I was into DC comics HARD for years and I knew everything there is to know about the Bat boys and the Flash. I absolutely LOVED what was going on with the Batfamily, was very much into Red Hood and was particularly interested in Dick Grayson’s run as Batman and Damian as his Robin in 2009-2011. I also read Red Robin, as well as a number of many other titles for a lot of other characters.

…Then the New-52 to happened. I gave it a try and I did not like a lot of the changes but I still bought and enjoyed a lot of the titles such as Red Hood and the Outlaws, The Flash, Aquaman, Batman and Robin, etc…I really enjoyed Death of the Family and was excited about all the news when it came out.

After Damian Wayne was killed, I stopped reading. He was my favorite Robin at the time, and I couldnt handle it. I read the issues following his “death” and never bought a comic since then.

I never stopped loving DC but all these changes were too crazy for me. I want to get back into it. I am looking for recommendations to get me started into the modern comics since I have no idea what is going on anymore in DC comics…help me out? Thanks!!

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The current stuff is pretty accessible. My advice would be to get your hands on copies of No Justice and the current Justice League series by Scott Snyder from the first issue. For Batman I think you probably want to just collect all of Tom King’s run in trade if you want the whole picture though it tends to compartmentalize well if you just want to start with the most recent arc (the first issue was out 2 weeks ago). Flash I think you definitely want to go back to the beginning of Williamson’s run as it really is all building off itself. I started at the beginning of the last arc back in October and I’m still trying to find my feet. Other books you should definitely check out are Justice League and Hawkman.

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Oh and if you’re a Damian fan you need to be reading Adventures of the Super Sons which features his adventures with Jon Kent (son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane). He’s also headlining Teen Titans which I haven’t gotten into yet but should be reading myself.

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If you like Super Sons, Lois and Clark series have excellent characterizations of pre 52 superman and Lois Lane. It introduced Jon Kent, the other super son.

Pre Bendis, this was the way the trio were treated in Rebirth. That superman became THE superman when the 52 Superman died.