Looking for Good Deals on Toys? Stay on Target

Target is in the midst of clearancing assorted Mattel DC product before they do their annual post-Christmas toy department reset.

Stuff I’ve seen so far:

-12" Shazam! figures for $6.98
-DC Multiverse figures (the Toy Biz/Kenner tribute wave mainly, but if you need a Carrie Kelly Robin she’s there too) for $13 and change
-DC Super Hero Girls basic assortment dolls for $6.98, and the $14.99 Supergirl and Batgirl for $10 and change

I haven’t seen Batman Missions get marked down yet, but it obviously will be and quite soon.

Anyhow, if you want some nifty stuff at rad prices, check out your local Targets. You may score deals even better than the above if your stores are quick to get to the 50% off or more markdowns.


@Vroom what new toys are coming out man? I haven’t seen any news from spin master or mcfarlane.

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@LEXC0RP McFarlane’s stuff should be starting to be seen in some form (be it at retail or in promotional photos at minimum) fairly soon.

As for what’s actually going to come out, it seems to be a mix of comic, movie and TV figures. Namely modern comics, the Birds of Prey movie, DCAU and CW stuff.

I’d love to elaborate, but the Todd Man himself has yet to confirm anything, so there’s not much to go on right now, but I suspect that will change quite soon.

No idea on Spin Master. I would hope something’s on the water by now to serve the kid/family market. If not, the DC section at Target and Walmart could be empty for a bit.

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Man i can’t wait till Mattel get the rights back.

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I dunno, Spin Master has some pretty cool stuff coming up…

Like what though? I haven’t seen anything

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@LEXC0RP, check out @moro’s thread on collectible news as @biff_pow posted links to some of Spin Master’s initial DC wares on Entertainment Earth.

Also, the Entertainment Earth YouTube channel has a video with an in-hand look at Spin Master’s Batman figures and their first Batmobile.

Regarding Target finds, last night I came across:

-DC Super Hero Girls Supergirl for $6.98
-two of the BTAS Batplane from the basic Hot Wheels line

I bought Supergirl and left the Batplanes, as I found them at Walmart on Tuesday.