Looking for cyberpunk comic reccomendations

Hi everyone

I’m looking to merge my interests in comics and the cyberpunk genre, but don’t know what to read.

I’m looking for comics that takes place in a world as close to Shadowrun as possible. Something similar to the Cyberpunk RPG and Neuromancer or Altered Carbon works too. A world of Megacorps and shoddy bars, drugs, badass weapons and body upgrades.

Looking for western style drawing and english language.

Preferrably ongoing, preferrably female-led, does not need to be DC.

Is there anything out there?

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Lazarus would fit what you’re looking for. Another cyberpunk series that isn’t as good of a match is Tokyo Ghost.

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Judge Dredd is an absolute must. Every comic fan needs to give Dredd a try at some point.

From DC, check out Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan, an ugly, cynical look at politics and pop culture.

And for maybe the absolute height of action heavy comics, read Frank Miller and Geof Darrow’s HARD BOILED, which explodes off every page.


There’s a new Blade Runner 2019 comic coming out from Titan with a female lead.
Looks good.


Unfortunately a lot of the classic cyberpunk comics are manga, but Akira is one of the best comics you’ll ever read. Also good are Ghost in the Shell (pretty much the template of cyberpunk), GUNNM (Battle Angel Alita) and BLAME!

And from the Euro scene, The Incal is another must read, and it’s sequels Metabarons and Technopriests do more cyberpunk-y stuff.

And for the western scene, have to echo Transmetropolitan as probably the best the scene has to offer. It’s mad brilliant, on both the writing and art sides, and something that I’ve seen hook a lot of people that don’t usually read comics (or read at all for that matter).


Thank you for all the suggestions! Going to start looking into them this weekend. If you got more - keep them coming.

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That sounds AWESOME!
Any idea of a date on when that drops?

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I’ll second the recommendation of Ghost in The Shell. See the movie too and no, not the live action one. The anime movie from 1995. It’s one of the best animated (anime or otherwise) movies ever.

Transmetropolitan is a genius work too and a recommendation I’ll second as well.

DC wise, you could give the New 52 Blackhawks a whirl. It’s not cyberpunk per se, but it features an interesting villain named Mother Machine who is absolutely a technology oriented nemesis.

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Looks like it’s scheduled for July 17th.

Here’s a preview:

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There was another Blade Runner comic that this looks similar to. It is called Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Dust to Dust. There also is an adaption of the original book, but I don’t think it was done very well.


European comic The Gipsy is super-cool if you can find them! I read them in Heavy Metal magazine back in the day…

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Ill also recommend Transmetropolitan and Alita: Battle Angel.

I guess on the DC side, the Batman Beyond world is pretty cyberpunky. Dan Jurgens recent run has been pretty good.


As already mentioned, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Transmetropolitan, etc.

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Thank you for the recommendations. Transmetropolitan was good, and the new Blade Runner comic is just amazing so far.

I can’t speak to anything currently running, but I agree with the others on transmet, and I believe a series from some time ago that might fit the bill is electric warrior, dealing with artificial intelligence among other things. Maybe Sonic disrupters(sp), I might be misremembering, they were throwing all manner of things at the wall to see what stuck…

Maybe Batman; digital justice might be apropo…