Looking for Comics With Cool Styles

If you like comics with some style, here are some artists you should check out

Anything relating to Alex Ross or Jim Lee
Tim Sales-The Long Halloween/Dark Victory/Haunted Knight
Frank Quitely-All Star Superman
Matt Wagner-Batman and the Monster Men/Mad Monk
Jock/Francesco Francavilla-Batman The Black Mirror
Greg Cupallo-Batman New 52 Run
Marco Martin-Robin/Batgirl Year One
Stjepan Sejic-Harleen
Francis Manapul-The Flash New 52 Run
Stephan Bissette and John Totleben-Saga of the Swamp Thing
Jack Kirby-The Fourth World
Ivan Reis-Aquamqn New 52
Norm Breyfogle-80’s and 90’s Batman comics
Nick Derington-Batman Universe/Doom Patrol

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Story and style wise may I suggest Elseworlds: Batman Man Bat 1-3


Dick Sprang


In addition to that, he also designed the opening title sequence of Batman Beyond.

Between TV and comics, truly a renaissance man was Darwyn Cooke.


Y’know at first glance I thought that art was Simon Bisley.

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It’s one of my favorites. And the story is interesting in my opinion


I forgot Kingdom Come. 10/10 art & story.


I have to disagree

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@TheRealDetectiveChimp We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. They definitely have their own styles, and no one is going to mistake one for the other- but I do believe they are similar. If there was a genre of comics art called ‘Ultra Stylized Animated Style’, they’d both be founding members.

Check out Starman by James Robinson and Tony Harris. Harris’ style is super interesting, kind of like old Mike Mignola. It’s also my favorite super hero story ever. Robinson storytelling is fantastic. Oh yeah Stargirls first appearance is around the end of the series.


You might like Kelley Jones’ Batman stuff, it’s pretty stylish.

A massive THANK YOU to the DC community for putting me on to the artwork of Darwyn Cooke!
absolutely stunning.


You beat me to it! One of my favorite stories and the artwork FIT that story so well…Harris has a very unique and distinct style. And the main artist who took over after he left, Peter Snejberg, was also good, but definitely different than Harris.