looking for an issue of Batman or Detective Comics

I’m looking for an issue of Batman that I read a couple of years ago. This was after the launch of the new 52. Bruce Wayne is training to be Batman and is training with monks I think doing a vow of silence. He is in a cage/cell hanging from inside a cave and he had been there for months. And then I think someone calls him or tells him about something in Gotham and he leaves.

Driving me crazy I can’t think of name. It’s Alfred that calls him and he refuses to answer. When he’s being trained by guru I think guru has a pet monkey he talks to while Bruce is underground. Wanna say part of no mans land but can’t say for sure. That young military corps dies while searching for Bruce when he’s in that box. Had something written on helmet like China moon or something. Because that Vietnamese girl sang a song by that title in a military bar.