Looking For a good Batman Limited series that's complete

I recently have read Long Halloween, Daek Victory, When in Rome and Gothic any other Batman Limited series that are complete here on the services time would recommend

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Ok :slight_smile:

Batman Eternal. Legends of the Dark Knight wasn’t a limited series but it’s made up of a bunch of mini stories. I would suggest the Venom story.


Batman/Wildcat is a good one.

I haven’t read it since it came out but I remember Arkham Reborn being a good read.

I would recommend reading the Legends of the Dark Knight series. It’s basically a complete series made up of limited series. It’s where Gothic came from, and there’s plenty more like it.

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I’m one for hush. I do like the last Halloween. Same basic things as long.

For clarity’s sake, you’re looking for a Batman limited series (aka a “mini-series”), right? Not an ongoing series or a story arc from an ongoing book but a story that runs for a small number of issues in it’s own title.

I’m asking so that if other titles come to mind, I don’t recommend the wrong type of material.