"Look What I Just Got" Thread

Cool! :+1:


DC Direct BTAS Catwoman Porcelain statue from 2002. She is 7.5 inches tall and is numbered 365/2300. I have been searching for this at a reasonable price ever since I picked up the Batgirl version a couple of years ago. Got this one for under original retail.

Here is the Batgirl version.

DC Direct also made versions of Poison Ivy and Harley, but haven’t found those at a good price point yet.



Fan-fraggin’-tastic, Clyde!

I hope the rumors of his hog appearing in the Multiverse line prove true, because The Main Man needs his ride, man!

SN: He needs Dawg, too. :nerd_face:


Yep. The one I wanted the most was the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Had everything this one had plus Dawg. Just a wee-bit pricey, to put it mildly. Plus, he’s wearing 3-D glasses, &, u get a pair of 3-D glasses, with a 3-D background display. Wouldn’t allow me to screen grab. Had to screenshot, so ,doesn’t do it justice…


Ty @DC89!!! Expecting some more merch today!!!


That’s one of…thinks for a moment two Lobos I don’t have that I would very much like to have.

This is the other one:

If the rumored Lobo hog from McFarlane happens, I hope it’ll have Dawg. It probably won’t, but I’m going to hope for it, all the same.


Yeah that’s nice!!! You’ve seen the Spacehog Lobo I have. JL Action one. It’s sweet for the price. Bonus Mr. Mind included. Much rather have that one :point_up: tho…


The Justice League Action Lobo set kicks all kinds of ass!

You’ve got Lobo, Superman, Lobo’s hog, Mr. Mind and accessories for the main hero and villain. What’s not to love?

BTW, here’s Lobo and Dawg for the preschool (and adults who are kids at heart :wink:) set:


Nice I like imaginext. Got my only Cass figure, & a Tawny that way!!! Lobo JLA is right by my new Lobo. Same pic I posted on Look what I just got thread u can barely see his head. I’ll find it. I gotta make more albums. I keep forgetting. I did make like 5, took forever, a while back. But, still gotta filter, then categorize em. I wish id’ve known u could filter & make albums b4 I had thousands of pics. Could’ve done em as they came in.


That thunderbolt shoots dangerously far!!!


Imaginext is a seriously underrated line.

Some may look at it as kid’s stuff, but if your definition of “kid’s stuff” includes a line with multiple characters who are crime bosses, savage villains responsible for the deaths of thousands, assassins, antiheroes, spacefaring, dolphin-loving hardasses and more, then we clearly have a very different definition of “kid’s stuff”. :grin:


I love em’. Got quite a few. Also, my only Firefly is thanks to imaginext. I still want the Penguin ‘Copter. I did see it dropped down extremely low. If it wasn’t for Lobo, & what “should be arriving shortly “ I would have it. It was bookmarked but didn’t make the final cut this round…?


McFarlane Dr. Fate, &, some buttons that took forever to get an even halfway decent photo of lol. Still doesn’t do them justice. But, literally went cross-eyed staring so long trying :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the Fate figure and the pinback buttons. Anyway, in my experience pinback buttons can be very difficult to photograph!


:smiley: :+1:


I always thought Lobo’s cycle was called the Space Hog. :thinking: Am I off in this thinking?


You’re not off. He calls it a lot of things, with “hog” or “my hog” being the two most frequent titles for his mechanical, spacefaring steed.




Friday pick-ups:


DC Direct’s DCeased figures have been pretty minimal in that they’re mostly repaints of previously released Essentials product.

With Green Lantern and now Kara, I bought those two because they fit in as battle damaged versions of one another and can also fit in with a variety of figures/lines. Want a Supergirl that looks pissed and is absolutely ready to throw down? The DCeased take has that covered in spades.

Woo, more McFarlane Hush! :partying_face:

This guy wraps up the Multiverse and McFarlane stuff I’m interested in for now. Next up on my interest radar: the Munitions Pack, Page Punchers (both scales) and the Atrocitus wave.

Supergirl and Hush should be here by Tuesday, which is perfect, because that’s New DC Comics Day! :tada: New toys and comics, a blissful union. :blush:


This one’s from the J case of basic Hot Wheels cars, and is a navy-ish blue repaint of a black edition that came out earlier in the year. I like the black version more, but the blue used on the repaint is pretty smooth, too.

I was surprised to find that in the Collectibles section. There wasn’t a price on-shelf and I didn’t scan it, but if memory serves these Rides sets usually go for about $24.99 and up.

Nice piece, but I’m going with the Spin Master Hawkman Cruiser instead, so I passed on it.

The latest Walmart comic bundles are out as well. Here’s one of the new sets (per eBay):

I saw other sets too, which featured Blood Syndicate: Season One #1 and Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl #1.

I snagged the bundle with the Nubia Coronation Special, which also includes:

  • Future State: Legion of Super-Heroes #2
  • Wonder Girl #1 (second printing)
  • Wonder Woman #777

There are usually 8 bundles per wave, but eBay hasn’t shown any more than what I’ve listed, and not even that really, as the White Knight set is the only one that comes up, as of this writing.

I’ll probably yoink the TOTA: Wonder Girl bundle at some point, because while I have that series, the set will likely have other stuff I don’t have. And even if it doesn’t, I’ll still be happy to have it and lend further support to Yara. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

tugs on his Team Yara t-shirt as he goes off to have a bowl of Superman cereal for breakfast


Solid gets there Super Cool @Vroom. :+1: