"Look What I Just Got" Thread

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I remember malls.

I :purple_heart: Joey Lauren Adams in all things.

DC89 Fun Fact- I was one of the few girls in the set to proclaim out loud my love for this hilarious film back in my high school days. As a committed comics geek, its super-on-point portrayal of our culture spoke right to me, loudly and clearly. When I told the other girls in my skating circle about liking the movie I got a huge dose of what we refer to nowadays as cancel culture, but I really didn’t care. Kevin Smith was the first filmmaker to put our love for the comics domain on the cultural map and I’ll always respect and admire him for that. Yep. :smiley: :+1:



I saw this before I knew Clerks existed. It was my intro to Kevin Smith films, and as such will always hold a special place in my heart. Aside from that, I think it’s among Smiths best.


I love Mallrats! Brodie is, without a doubt, my spirit Askewniverse character, as he and I are like this. :crossed_fingers:t2:

I remember when Mallrats came out, but being 12 at the time, it wasn’t a movie my parents would likely spring for (my brother would’ve, though), so I didn’t see it until 2000, when I sprang for a VHS rental from Hollywood Video.

Between the Star Wars and comic references (amid other schtuff), that flick spoke to me then, and still does, today.

SN: The cookie stand is not part of the food court. :nerd_face:

SN 2: Joey Lauren Adams is rad, especially in Chasing Amy, a movie that I have no hesitancy in admitting how much it tugs on my heart (and has made me tear-up on occasion).


Just went to Target
(Rt. 9 Howell, NJ)
And found
McFarlane Multiverse
Superman: The Animated Series
Wally West FLASH!!!

Wally has a similar shoulder joint to the Earlier McFarlane Animated figures, But it’s not as super bulky and Top Heavy as Superman Batman and GL were……

(I’ll come back with comparison shots later of this figure vs the Earlier release by DC Collectibles)
He comes with a Lightning trail that connects to his foot and the included figure stands a pair of alternate hands and this card

This figure is probably the one animated figure I really wanted and McFarlane did a great job on it!
(If only they gave the Classic TV Batman figures this level of respect!)


Ok so here’s the DC Collectibles Version of Justice League’s Flash along with today’s newer find.

And here’s all my JL/JLU Wally West Flashes together.


That is one sweet Flash action figure and graphic novel collection. When I see a collection like that for some reason it has a tremendous calming effect on me. Ahhhh…there it is. :00_flash:


:smiley: :+1: @golddragon71- I like it! Very Flashy.

:smiley: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Uh huh……


Finished off the McFarlane Dark Nights Death Metals so I can build Darkfather.



You’re in for a treat with that Wonder Woman, as she’s chef’s kiss and then some.


From the second they arrived she was my instant favorite of the bunch. She’s so cool looking!!! Can’t wait to unbox em. Gotta do some major rearranging to find room tho. Also gotta edit that Knights to Nights. Lastly, the pics don’t do them justice at all. I was trying to filter out my reflection in the boxes. I’ve never received that many perfect boxes in one delivery b4. The figures & boxes are in such perfect shape & the figures look at least 5x’s better in person. McFarlane knows how to do it right.


Indeed. He’s been leading the action figure way since 1994.


I don’t know if I’d go that far….
There was a long time where his figures were little more than glorified statues!
And while the Multiverse line has been consistently hitting it out of the park in sculpts, detailing and articulation….
The majority of the releases have been exceedingly Bat-oriented.
Additionally I’ve already gone on record about the Batman Classic TV line which has felt “phoned-in” for the most part!
(The best thing about it is the Batcave play set which really works better with smaller scale figures)
Also, Flash is so far the only “animated” figure I have that isn’t disproportionally top heavy!
I hope that going forward the quality of work continues but I’m also keeping an open and objective eye on the releases as they come.


Got all my Death Metals up & Darkfather built. He’s huge!!! Almost as big as my Grodd statue.


They look great!!


Ty buddy!!! It’s an optical illusion but Grodd is about 2” taller, but, he is on a stand & Darkfather isn’t & Darkfather is leaning to the right a bit just cuz I didn’t wanna block out what’s behind him.

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Grodds on a stand and lifting his arm up. If they stood toe to toe and had an MMA/Boxing style face off, Darkfather has the height advantage.