"Look What I Just Got" Thread

Oh man, I missed the Spidey reference print! Next order… :laughing:

Awesome that there’s already a thread! We should probably stop derailing this one now. :sweat_smile:


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I LOVE this! Thank you for posting it @Angel212!


You’re welcome, @DC89! Seemed relevant to your interests. :wink:

Looking again at the Spidey print, @Bar-El …is the word “thwip” copyrighted or something? Cuz I feel like I would have noticed what they were doing more readily if they were saying “thwip.” :sweat_smile:


:sweat_smile: I mean knowing DC and Marvel I wouldn’t be surprised but I’m also surprised any fan art like this is able to go on without them coming down with infringement stuff lol I also expected a thwip :sweat_smile:


Huh, well would you look at that @Angel212

Is Thwip copyrighted?

COMIC LEGEND: Marvel has a trademark on the words “Snikt” and “Thwip.” … Surprisingly enough, in the case of “snikt,” Marvel does, in fact, have a registered trademark on the term .


Yeah, sorry everyone. Didn’t mean to completely derail this thread. But I am happy that everyone likes the prints I bought. :sweat_smile:


Just found at Target
(Rt. 9, Howell, NJ)
The BATMAN ‘89
Grapnel Launcher Replica
(I used A McFarlane Flight pose stand for the out of package display works really well!
(so far!)
I also ordered the Batarang from Entertainment Earth and it’s on its way!

Now if NECA would just do the zip line Gauntlet……


Quick comic shop run today. Not only am I glad to finally have the key issues for my favorite new Batman character, but it’ll be so awesome to (hopefully) have Becky Cloonan sign the issue of Diana’s return at Baltimore Comic-Con next week!

Edit: Also just got this in the mail. It’s a good day for getting comics!


I forgot to mention this in my Target Tuesday finds post, but I found the new Spin Master Batcave at several Targets that day.

Its $99.99, and is in the aisle that has ride-on toys and other large items, not the regular action figure aisle. It’s a beast of a set (you’d need a cart to easily carry it around), but its looks great, especially given the electronics-based features it has.

While $100 may sound expensive, last year’s Batcave playset went on sale several times through the Christmas season, so I’m sure this one will too. Plus, Kenner’s Batman Forever Batcave playset (also a beast) sold for $100 in 1995, so its nice to see that Spin Master didn’t just slap a $250 tag on the thing, and instead kept the price within reason, given how large and feature-packed the piece is.

I’m glad Spin Master is committed to making playsets, which are a rarity in most toy lines, today. Nobody in the action figure press seems to want to give Spin Master the press they absolutely deserve, but they have released vehicles and playsets, as collectors request from companies behind other toy lines, so they’re going to keep getting the spotlight from me.


Looks very cool. I like that it closes up into a ginormous Batman (a bit weird, but in a good way). I’ll pass on the Batcave, but if they ever make a Hall of Justice or Fortress of Solitude, I’m in (especially if the latter closes up to be a big giant Superman).



The neat thing, is that the new Batcave set could be retooled into a Superman-themed set, or one for the League as well.

Given how Kenner (and later, Hasbro) got 11 years out of repackaging and rebranding this playset (which Mattel later released in 2003)…

…I’ve no doubt that Spin Master will eventually rebrand/repackage/retool one, or more, of their playsets into assorted lines, maybe even into something for My Adventures with Superman.

With some imagination, the Batcave playset from last year…

… can work as a HOJ for the Heroes Unite line, especially with the multi-screen computer, which could easily double as a control center in the Watchtower. Meanwhile, Luthor could be locked in the prison cell below.

The flip side of the set…

…doubles as a nice, generic city backdrop (the Batman villain-themed graffiti is just decals) that Flash could severely defeat Grodd in.

Yeah, the Bat-signal in the set cements it as Gotham-based, but you can easily remove that when non-Batman figures are used with the set.

Anyway, I’d love to see the new Batcave be retooled into a feature-laden Fortress of Solitude. Maybe something for The Flash too, especially since Batman’s in that one, to some degree?


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking when I made my comment. They’ve already released most of the JL members, with notable exceptions of course. A display set to go along with ‘em would nice, as long as it fits on one of my shelves!


Just empty that shelf of photos of relatives you never see for it. :grin:

Sure, when Grandma visits, you take the HOJ/whatever down and put her picture back up, but the second the mother-in-law is gone, that Batcave goes right back up! :joy:


God bless both of their souls… our moms are no longer with us. Not related, I know. You just unintentionally hit a soft spot :slightly_smiling_face:.

I get you though. I think the moment I encroach outside my “territory” (which you’ve seen in my videos), is when the wife will lay down the law. I remember starting with the one cabinet, “It’s just this cabinet, honey. Once its filled I won’t have any more room!”. She has been a very patient and supportive wife since that little fib :joy:.

Got a new cabinet! Currently empty, but that will change soon. Will upload some photos when ready to share.


Sorry, wasn’t aware. My blessings to both, and apologies to you. :clark_hv_4:

Those are the best kind (so I hear). :+1:t2:


No apologies necessary, brother!




and neca showed off a gauntlet, but we’ll see if it makes it into production!