"Look What I Just Got" Thread (Part 2)

They look fantastic side by side. :+1: I’m also thinking about leaving my Super Powers figures in their pakaging as well. I’m def not taking ToyBiz B-Man '89 out of his-


That’s so cute!!


IKR? Props to Mr. @biff_pow tho- he snapped it up. :smiley:


Oh my bad, Somehow I didn’t realise you were just replying :sweat_smile:


Look at this. Batman, Batman, and more Batman.


Look what I just found thread.
Holidays mean attic time in the house I grew up in and I came across this ultra rare limited edition play set with sliding door.




Should hopefully be a final photo dump of finds in the wild, this time from discount sellers, specifically various Ross for most of these:

These MTS figures were $6.99 but I purchases the Godspeed for $5.99 and recently saw one a few days ago for $4.99 (which may be a store manager thing):

This one looked like a knock-off. The Pop was $4.99, which is still not the lowest price I’ve seen in the wild, but the lowest ones never tend to be DC.

And they had a stack of these Selina’s - which is the figure I just saw for $4.99, in between some Marvel Legends, and a bunch of Roblox, Fortnite and anime/manga figures (some of which looked pretty impressive).

I’m going to downtown to see a 4DX movie tomorrow, most likely, but for some reason the site will no longer let me log on in my phone? So I won’t be posting anything - if I see anything - until later.


I need this in my life!


Macy’s might also have these. I don’t believe they have them on line, however.


I checked Amazon and saw it is out of stock. I am going to go searching stores around me this weekend.


The $34.99 price tag on that post IS for that particular figure (which is, by the way, HUGE, those are 12 inch figures by SpinMaster, which might also be at Walmart and possibly Target still, I don’t necessarily pay attention when (a) it’s something I’m not buying and (b) I know I or someone else already posted it, my eyes tend to slide right by on shelves, so I can’t speak intelligently but perhaps someone else whose been at the toy shelves of late might remember?

But that price tag from Ross might have a UPC code or something you could give a store clerk, if you can get them to answer the phone (perhaps when they or right before they normally open, versus during the middle of their regular store hours?) I know the Macy’s I normally go to when I am seeing an Imax movie had it, because their Toys 'R Us section was huge, but the two most recent Macy’s I’ve been at didn’t have much in the way of DC (toy-wise), period.

Hope that helps!


:smiley: :+1: Very cool!



Found today at Target in Tom’s River, NJj
Batman the Ad inmates series Alfred Pennyworth…

And Waverider…


Super cool haul @golddragon71. :smiley: :+1:


I broke down and decided to get the Page Puncher Nightwing at Macy’s since it was down to $5.99. I had debated getting some stuff at Entertainment Earth and they had him for as low at $3 with some other close-out items, but it was being too much of a task to get free shipping.

Looney Tunes Spin Master
Macy’s also finally discounted the Looney Tunes WB 100 DC character set by Spin Master, so I went ahead and grabbed that, as well as taking advantage of the MTS discount this weekend, to essentially get free shipping (and essentially have them almost pay my sales tax) to get the Retro BatmanTV show version of Superman (which I am still questioning if it’s a good selection since I believe it is overpriced at $18 - but I feel I might regret not getting it):

Another one of the Page Punchers - not on sale - but it’s the harder to find Metalic variant of the Flash, which I don’t think people realize is different, the figure has gold trim, not yellow trim (I’ll post pictures of both together once it arrives, since I ordered the original version, also from MTS this past summer), plus a Prime marked down to $10, for the head and goddess only knows what I will do with that body, and the Superpower Rebirth version of The Flash to go with the Darkseid version I won on an auction ($6 bucks, including free shipping!) and the Reborn I purchased from Game Stop a few weeks back.

I’m not going to get an entire set of these like some folks here, but I decided I would likely regret not having some and that I didn’t want to get the trinity, which is what I was originally thinking (as you all might remember, I got the blue cape version of Diana directly from MTS as well this past August during their labor day sale).

The only sale I didn’t take advantage of was Cryptozoic, even though I really REALLY want their Bizarro that goes with the Lil Bombshells and even the trading cards. But the shipping was just another barrier I didn’t want to deal with - same with CultureFly, which also didn’t have much in the way of DC stuff that was new.


I need to get this one! Great find.


Solid gets there @StrangeVisitor. :+1:

I’ve often wondered who would’ve been perfect casting for a Kal-El guest starring spot on Batman '66. :thinking:


I keep hearing conflicting info - someone said that the face sculpt on this MTS figure is based on the '66 Digital First comic continuation of the Adam West series, but I’ve also had people post that this is not true.

Some folks claim this is Ben Affleck’s face, from the Hollywoodland movies, and others have written that they should have used George Reeves. I’m currently more un-enamoured about the cloth cape and that neck piece they had to add.

And thank you!


Picked up this Green Lantern light at my shop this week.