"Look What I Just Got" Thread (Part 2)

Spiffy gets here. :smiley:


Apologies for the mass picture dump - some of these are now close to two weeks old - and I’m sure some may have been posted, so again tl;dr this post.

But I want to get them off my laptop. I only upload the types of images concurrently from the actual date I’m on a Target Run when I have that particular phone on me, which was not the case with these:

I believe this two-face has been posted but I hadn’t seen it in the wild at all:

They had a stack of both of these at this particular store:

  • I bought both but I’m still debating keeping them, since I’ve subsequently bought the unsmiling First Appearance Superman from the box set and I much prefer his boots.

This is two different Target’s; I still have yet to see Topo or the Sea Horse by MTS in the wild, just this - which at least has the value of being a non-standard, and therefore not as generic, for a Pop figure:

And they had these, albeit over-priced:

I liked that they are carrying items like this at this one particular shop and am looking at one for a friend, but I might check and see if the re-opened Barnes & Noble at the Santa Monica Promenade has these as the other store at the Grove did, as I believe I had a B&N gift card somewhere:

Spin Master had nothing interesting on any of the pegs yet, albeit a Mera but I posted that earlier, from a third store. I think this Grodd is old (since it’s still a three prizes) but all these start to blur into one another sometimes.

Thanks for the input and feedback. I already had to initiate a credit card return with Bank of America for that Jim Lee bust I purchased some months ago that showed up with that weird pattern on the base. I would have been happy with and accepted just a minor discount - as I still think it’s a nice sculpt and match with Lee’s art work, although I would have prefer it as a full body, and not a partial upper body, particularly since someone made that surprising choice to make the ‘crop’ at the unfortunate place on the body that they did.

But I would likely have never bid on this bust, much less the amount that I paid, nor would never had bid it up as high as I did (and I don’t think the other buyers would have either) if the seller had disclosed this in his photos or description - which they did not:

However, the seller ignored my request for resolution, and EB closed a return escalation claiming I was supposed to escalate again because the seller wasn’t responding, and their CSR in India literally told me to file a CC claim. So I am loath to go down that path again. They already refunded part of the sale (auction) price for the mugs, apparently the postage would only be refundable in whole if the entire purchase was refunded, or so they claim. It’s all highly annoying, frankly, and I still am stuck with two broken mugs with no idea what to do with them but not wanting to discard them.

If I donate them, it would be to the Jewish Federation Council Thrift stores but I want to ask them first if they would even display them, and not just treat them as a dumping ground. But thanks again for reading and responding!


I’m noticing a trend every year in myself. I read a lot in the months of February - August. I also collect heavy during the months where football isn’t on. Well I have picked these up since they are the Gold collection figures. I keep a spreadsheet of my readings and realized I haven’t read anything since Oct 23rd. I’m slacking!!! Anyway I tend to see log in to see everyone’s new haul. I’m excited to have the Flashpoint set complete!

When it comes to McFarlane I try to only collect the comic book style figures instead of the movie based ones. Obviously I couldn’t pass up on the 89 batmobile and I ended up getting all of the Nolan Batman stuff. I’ve been kind of debating about pre-ordering all of the Batman & Robin stuff. I haven’t purchased any of the newer Justice League, Black Adam, Shazam, or the Flash figures. Am I the only one who tends to skip them??


Spiffy gets Sir. :smiley:


Very nice. :smiley: I just picked up that Kara figure as well a few days back- she’s super cool!


I love this one. I have never seen it at any of my local stores. I am going to have to look harder.


If Todd had made a Eugene and a Freddie with shorter hair verses the longer hair Adam requested to keep for his few scenes or made a Billy and Freddie two pack, I would have considered those. I was interested in a Doctor Fate but not in what MTS pushed out.

I already previously posted that I got the light up talking 12" version of The Flash from Spin Master but none of the MTS figures appealed. One day, when I stumble across the Sasha SG at dirt cheap prices, I’ll likely grab it Because OCD. I just picked up the OM Mattel released for the first movie and I’m mildly interested in a Topo and perhaps a dirt cheap Manta but nothing excites me.

If MTS does a very accurate facial Coronswet and an attractive Lois (and since they really seem incapable of doing decent non-sexualized females, I’m not holding my breath.

I don’t even have much confidence in MTS’ ability to do comic accurate figures unless it’s Edgelord Comic Art (eg the Batboyfriend That Giggles and the rest of the Metal line was really very good but, for example Red Son Superman or Rebirth or Action 1000 Supes, not so much).

Macy’s early Black Friday sale:

Target Run DTLA:

SpinMaster Aquaman


Oh wow I didn’t know there was McFarlane figures for Aquaman already.


I got this! :smiley:

I got this one too! :+1:


Awesome finds here!


BTW, I didn’t buy most of this Target Run stuff; it’s more - this DC stuff is in stores - here’s today’s Finds in the (le TarGette) Wilds:

I also hit Dollar Tree where I bought a few extras of those Mattel miniatures, a Vic since I am going to post a Cyborg lot to sell, and another Black suited Supes, same thing, to flip and sell as part of a lot. I also bought some baking pans for a neighbor and a acrylic tube of paint. Big Lots was a toy bust (as far as DC goes) but I did score some protein powder!

Macy’s Toys R Us department run:


Sunday I picked up Supergirl at Target in Tom’s River, NJ

Here she is with her counterparts from Injustice 2 and the Flash


Very cool. :+1:

This is the best Kara figure I’ve ever seen. Very glad that I ante’d up the sheckles for it. :smiley:


Ooh nice get!


Bunch of packages on the porch when I came home today!

Umm. Cat, you are not involved in this. Move along, nothing to sniff here, move along! :smile_cat:

(She looks heckin’ chonkers in this pick but is a healthy weight kitty. The camera adds 20 pounds, as they say. :joy_cat:)

Never thought I would have a Mezco. This one was a gift from a friend. So cool!

Superman vs Wonder Woman was on sale so I decided to get it sight unseen. Looks fun.

And at last Golden Age Wonder Woman volume 5 is real and I have it. So excited as I haven’t read the majority of the stories in it. Woo woo! (I only plan on reading one issue per day to savour the enjoyment. We’ll see if I can hold out. :grin:).


Awesome new addition to the collection!



A few Comparison pics


Awesome collection! I can see the appeal of focusing on these kinds of high quality figures. It makes for a stunning display.


I just got a bunch of free pallets. How exciting!

Rather than finish pulling up my 1920’s deckboards and replace them with that newfangled stuff, I decided to play with the pallets.

I did the easy method of sawing the ends and then prying out the middle. This gave me a lot of 33 1/2” boards, plus some scrap.

Got up this morning at 4am and headed into the basement. Came back up five hours later with this:

Some of that wood is cedar. It smells nice.

There are six casters underneath so I can move it around. My room is full and I am trying this out.

I still need to polyurethane it, but it is going to be a while before there are warm enough temps outside. I don’t dry it inside anymore as it is headache-inducing and probably not conducive to good health.

The bottom two shelves are measured exactly to fit omnibuses. The top shelf can handle books up to 9” tall.

I made it wide enough to display some action figures in front of the books, because of course I did. :laughing:

If you are interested in making a free shelf from pallets, here are my blueprints:

(Yeah, I don’t know what it means either :rofl:).

I used to make real plans, but I build intuitively now. This is my 12th shelf. They are all a little messed up, but they definitely have character, and that’s just the way I like them. :grin: