"Look What I Just Got" Thread (Part 2)

Legion of Doom acquisitions! I went Toy Biz because I can find them cheap on eBay! Now I have Toy Biz Lex and Riddler. I’m still banking on McFarlane eventually releasing an SP Power Suit Lex, but this Lex will be fine in the meanwhile and can even serve as business Lex after Power Suit Lex is acquired. Toy Biz Riddler was the only Riddler figure I had as a kid and definitely channels the old Super Friends vibe. Both figures are slightly roughed up and didn’t have their accessories, but, again, were cheap!

My Legion of Doom currently stands at three, but this’ll probably be a long-term project. Finding some of these villains at a 4-4.75 inch scale is tricky.

My one ray of hope is that McFarlane seems to be making the LoD characters as the Wal Mart exclusive figures, so… it may just be a waiting game for most of them.


So, about that…

I’ll have to find a spot to hang these up. I absolutely love this safety tip:

(We didn’t understand the sun very well in the 70’s. :rofl:)

Also picked these up at Granite State Comic Con:

Themyscira set. So movie accurate it feels like being there:

BvS 12” figure:

( P.S. Comic cons are awesome :sunglasses:)


There is something about the Blockbuster Rewind Funko stuff I just don’t like. I like the Funko Soda better than these things.


Every year I say I’m going to Baltimore and I don’t! 20 years later and I still haven’t gone. There was a convention near me that’s called C.H.U.D. My local comic shop Frankenstein comics in Woodbury has been doing it for years. It was Sunday and I forgot about it. C.H.U.D. is Comics Here Under a Dollar!

P.S. Eagles and Phillies fan here right over the bridge in Jersey!


I can’t recommend Baltimore enough, you’ve gotta get to it at some point! I feel like the only other cons w/ this many writers and artists are San Diego and New York, and not only is Baltimore cheaper but you don’t need pre-registration or anything like that

Same here! Go Birds and go Phils! :eagle:




To quote EV-9D9 from Return of the Jedi, “Ah, good. New acquisitions.”

To quote Fletcher Reede from Liar Liar, “Good call!”

Is this your first foray into the Toy Biz DC fold?

Same. I’ll buy two too, so long as it floats my boat.

Lex also wore that suit on the Ruby-Spears Superman TV series, making him the only figure from RSS…“from a certain point of view.”

Welp, that answers my query above. You are indeed experienced with Toy Biz DC and from childhood, same as moi.

While Lex’s briefcase and pistol are fun, the only accessory he really needs is his fist, as it wonks him in the head to a hilarious degree.

Nothing wrong with that. Projects are always nice.

Spin Master’s Carapax would be a good add, since his movie look is nearly identical to his comic design.

I’d suggest their Reverse Flash, but since McFarlane’s got one on the way, no need (although, one can never have too many Reverse Flashes).

Check out Mattel’s Infinite Heroes line (which is in the 4-inch scale), as its rife with villains that have seldom had figures.

As the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.”


:sparkles: New Comics Day (i.e. Tuesday) :sparkles: pick-ups from Yon Comic Shoppe:


:smiley: :+1:


Imma’ have to agree- these unpainted “Platinum” figures are pretty terrible.


Very nice! :+1:

Looks like they’re playing roshambo.


Good gets! :+1:


Spiffy haul Sir!

Five minutes is fine but anything longer than that and you’re just asking for trouble.


Thank ya, thank ya.

Copycat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Although, imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery, so color me flattered.

Slides over a box of Crayolas, the puts the Flattered crayon on the desk.

Stay within the lines, please. The teacher will deduct points if you go outside 'em.


:black_cat: :black_cat:


I see that and raise you these:

:cat2: :cat2: :cat2:

They’re like Teaspoon, from KA. Teaspoon rocks!


I forgot to mention earlier that I found some of the Wendy’s DC figures (sets 5 and 6 to be precise):

I haven’t opened them yet, but here’s a close-up of the boxes:

With 18 figures in the set multiplied by four different color groupings (blue, red, purple and green), you’re looking at 72 figures to have the entire set by every grouping available along with a special edition Batman that comes blister carded and is evidently not for resale (that rule really stuck :smirk:):

I don’t care about getting every color clique, or that carded Batman (I won’t say “No.” if the opportunity to get him should arise though, as he has a nifty Chemo vibe).

Once I nab sets 1-4 and have the set of 18 in whatever colors I get, I’m going to be “Done!”, Kramer-style.


Hey lookit that:
Lex Ruby Spears

I also had Toy Biz Keatonman and possibly Mister Freeze (I say possibly because it coulda been Super Powers Freeze since the two figures were very similar and I no longer have him to say for sure, but it was probably Toy Biz Freeze).

It is very funny to see in action.

Though I wouldn’t rule out purchasing SM Carapax, I’m limiting my LoD team to the members who appeared in Super Friends. AKA, these guys:


Hence what makes it tricky. Otherwise I’d probably throw SP Slade and BWL on the team.

I will take a look here, though!

Rock, paper, Kryptonite! :laughing:


I received two of these yesterday, it’s an almost 7 inch figure (so bigger than the Mattel DC Universe/DCUC’s) I purchased from a Chinese seller when I was looking for some Henry Cavill Superman miniatures that were based on the Gentle Giant sculpt that were officially released with some of the BluRay deluxe sets of MoS, and some other cake toppers and what was/is definitely the Speedy from the DC Universe Infinite Young Justice line - sadly sans bow), whose entire storefront has now been taken down. The storefront mostly sold cake toppers, both DC and Marvel, some anime figurines, and this was the only quasi action figure they listed.

The closest match to it I could find was a Mattel with say six more points of articulation (the usual thigh and upper arm cuts, etc).

The cape on the one I have in mind is also different.

It would match up with the COIE’s Earth 2 Superman, save those are listed as 6" figures AND the face is different plus it’s missing the “white/grey” hair on the “temples” side of the head sculpt. But the bright red boots and similar articulation points would be a near close match.

It also looks close to other COIE figures like the Earth Prime Superboy but again at least one or two things are off. I’d love to say it’s the DC Direct JLA (with the flag) but it really looks more of a knock off since the one I obtained has no ab definition at all. Likewise, with the Reactivated Supes. Even the Showcase Presents has a tad more ab definition in the torso than this.

My best guess of potential DC Direct is the one that came in the Matt Wagner Trinity box but I can’t find an image of a loose one of that to be certain. And if that’s IS the case, I might be inclined to mark-up the EFF out of one to resell one and keep the other.

It was sold as “new” but, of course, unboxed and was only, IIRC $4.50 or $5. It came with a (separately packaged) large round, plain black base, and the base definitely has the DC Comics (c) imprint on the bottom and also has a “DCD” designation, which makes me think of DC Direct. The base would match those oversized ones they produced with Green paint and the logo for the Lantern figures or the ones they produced for those Diana figures that had the 1990, early 2000s issues, flowing Wonder Woman logo design from those comics. Those were the slightly thicker ‘wedge’ bases from the current MTS bases. But again, the base was separately bagged, and clearly just tossed in before being shrink wrapped with the action figure - I have no definitive way of knowing that those bases were intended for these figures. The figure itself has no numbers or logos, legends, or wording of any kind.

However, for example, all these Superman/Batman series also have no markings, of the loose figures I own that I am certain are DC Directs.

I took two of them since I figured they would make better kit bash options for say a Justice Lord custom - since I personally am not at all a fan of the DCAU body buck models, even the newer ones from MTS, nor of Bruce Timm’s models, particular for Clark.

I’m inclined to suspect this might be a fully bootleg/knock off, or a factory reject that was not allowed to be sold (one of the ‘cake toppers’ I bought is a Mattel Brave and the Bold Superman ‘action’ toys, missing all the action parts, but with the hole in the back for them, but it clearly has two left arms, for example. I bought what I thought was a Barry Allen Flash that went with the Young Justice line, since it matches those build, but only the arms move, it has no waist articulation, the head barely turns and it’s stuck on a base and is one inch plus smaller. So possibly a figurine that went with the YJ DVD’s?

I’ve been watching a handful of Chinese sellers, typically the ones that sell things using the stock photos for say the Christopher Reeve NECA or something comparable popular, like the TDK Heath Ledger Joker, or the Far From Home spideys, and those seem to disappear a month or 6+ weeks only to have other sellers take their place, all in China, although I’ve noticed some now shipping from Sri Lanka, I believe it was.

Any thoughts from the class?


Should be getting my final missing variant of The Question from the Infinite Heroes line and I am excited to complete the collection. After this I’m just missing the DCU Classics Wave 11 figure, the JLU three-pack, and then I’ll have every Question action figure ever made.