"Look What I Just Got" Thread (Part 1)

The interwebz be killin’ your girl sometimes too. I share your pain. :expressionless:


Actually I think both the GA and SA Diana are very on point. I doubt I would want to pay those nose bleed prices you probably did (or else spend the energy chasing them down at reasonable prices) but those are great “gets.”

I had a dinner educational “lecture” - nothing I needed to know, but it was an excuse to be near the Target I knew would have some stuff to buy, get out from packing and needing to shop for oh-so-boring, just-moved, need-household-crap stuff plus the meal wasn’t too bad (why is mass-consumption produced chicken always so effing dry?). This is one of the largest Targets in LA County, so it also has furniture, so I did do some ‘new apartment browsing’ but at least I have more ideas about shelves for displaying toys!

This took up about 1/5th of the space of a Spider-Verse display, which also had loads more crap available. These didn’t look bad, and in some ways, it’s a good idea to sell these with comics, but I don’t know about the pricing as $10 for an older comic book and a teeny tiny toy seems steep. But I guess people drop more on Funkos, so what do I know?

So now I know where these Spinmaster toys start off at before they end up at Discount Stores as remaindered items… I was really curious about seeing the Kara’s IRL, but sadly I have yet to see either one of these or the Todd version. OTOH … and I need to upload this to IMGUR to cross-post to reddit since someone there has been relentlessly complaining that they cannot find these at any stores:

Even the Todd version was there, to the right of the Doomsday BatGod and Rando Superdude:

They also had some non-markdown Fury of the God’s Funks (no reason to photograph those) and this at full price:

And Goddess knows who Spinmaster thinks is the market for these puppies:
I ran out of time before I had to get to dinner on time, to check out more, because I wanted to see their Fisher Price, and some of the Lego sets.


Heathen. :wink:

Yeah, they were a little awkward at times. In all honesty, this was the best Toy Biz Apocalypse of the '90s:

A bigger and more detailed build/sculpt, interchangeable arms and no ever-so-slightly wobby legs to deal with, either.

Nice! I hope he enjoys the gift and Happy Birthday to him in advance! :slight_smile:


When I was a kid, my dad, brother and I were big into HO scale trains. We had several trains and a huge layout that my dad made for them. We’d spend hours in the basement with those trains, it was so much fun.

If there had been DC train cars in the early '90s, I likely would have added a Batman one to my train.

“Watch out train line villains, its…the HO Batman car, from Bachmann!”

You got Antiope, neat (and the others are cool too, of course)! We can be Antiope Barbie brothers-in-arms, now! :grin:

I’m going to partake in that blame too if you don’t mind, since I highlighted Antiope in my General DC Collecting Chit-Chat thread, along with the WW Barbie you yoinked.

That’s one Blame Game™ I will happily take part in. :wink:

Gyp indeed :smile:, but to make up for it, the 6" Toht has a burnt hand and an interchangeable, melted head:

The Wedding of Batgirl is most definitely DCUI’s big summer event. :+1:t2:

Did we invite any of our DCUI collector pals? :wink:

As a happily confirmed bachelor, I can say that if I were to get married, I and Ms. Right would do our ceremony like that.

I get why people like to have large ceremonies, but as very private people, Ms. Right and I would want a very small and intimate ceremony with those closest to us (parents, siblings and our very closest friends) and Reverend Lovejoy as the Guests of Honor.

Besides, why spend all of that extra money on oodles of wedding googahs, ephemorah, invites/food for large crowds and the like when Ms. Right and I could just blow it all on comics and toys during our honeymoon, instead? :smile:


Congratulations on the upcoming wedding, @DC89! May you and yours have a very long, prosperous, joyful and happy marriage! :hugs:

Damn you, dial-up! :smile:

shakes his fist at an old, '90s-style modem before booting it through the window of Bart Simpson’s factory and yelling “Goal!” as it soars through the window

Something that all of us who had ample experience with dial-up wanted to do at one point or another.

@StrangeVisitor Thanks for the heads-up on Page Punchers Jaime! I see a Target run in my future, tonight. :crystal_ball:

I’m glad McFarlane gave Target the hook-up on another Page Punchers sidecap. They free up room in the regular DC area for other goods, while also expanding the brand’s presence throughout the aisle. Win-win for all (Target, McFarlane and kids/collectors) involved.




No problemo, chum!

It also gives me an excuse to post the pictures I forgot.

So this are my two most recent ‘look what I just got:’

And the shelf unit was a score from Craigslist.

And I picked up the Spinmaster Speed Force from the upcoming movie, seen here with the lights off and lit up as well:

I was surprised it sold with the battery included! It was also marked up to $30.99 at the Target I was at last night, but the employee whom I was getting to help me locate it since I could not find it (buried on the bottom shelves) said I should get it price matched for the $24.99 price shown on the Target site. Which I did, and used a gift card so it was essentially free as the GCs were given to me.

@DC89 well done!


This seems like a really fun one!



After all, if there’s one thing brothers-in-arms are legendary for, it’s collecting Barbie dolls. :laughing:





He also talks, I didn’t want to post an video clip, but the figure uses quotes from the movie, so it uses Miller’s voice. You can hear some of the sounds here, I already cued it up so folks don’t need to sit through the entire video: Spin Master The Flash Movie: 12 inch Speed Force The flash with lights and sounds figure review - YouTube



:smiley: :+1:




Got some Comics from my LCS out of the dollar bin that I found the covers to be pretty cool, one of which I got giddy for is Batman VS Guy Garnder. A very short scene but it packed a punch. Giggity. As you can see I went heavy on the Green Lantern Covers, that one Teen Titan Cover looked dope so I scooped that.

I plan on one day getting my variants and dollar bin finds framed properly ( not individually maybe in 4s, Amazon actually has a 12 comic book, frame for sale and other sizes )

Also snagged DKIII Book Six, at my LCS, my first and only Frank Miller book. so that is for display as well. The Valor cover, from DC, that one tripped me up, because, I had to look up the Lantern, her name is Alia. An of course the sweet duo of Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, and some of you may say, well why are they a duo, well because, Hal partnered them up is the short answer.

An then my rock glasses i got off ETSY, for some reason the seller thought The Punisher is apart of DC, who knows why, but there ya go.

an to clarify, two of the GL comics were $5.00 with Hal on the cover . that DKIII was $6.00;




:smiley: Aww that’s very nice of you to say Super Cool @Vroom. :smiley:

You wouldn’t believe what it costs these days. :astonished: After the first round of exploration our cost came to just over $63K.

But with some shrewd angling, a little bit of luck, and big save by LittleSis89 we were able to get the $63K quality nuptuals at a much, MUCH cheaper rate. :smiley:

We’re gonna’ go here and lounge in the sun for a few days:

:hugs: Thank you!


Thank you @mercurie80! :smiley: :hugs:


:+1: Very cool.

Spiffy! :+1: He lights up!

It’s Nora’s devoted husband. Very nice get here @DarkKnight39. :smiley:

Nice! Especially digging that Tales Of The Teen Titans classic issue.
:+1: :00_teen_titans:

Is this Roman?


:astonished: :exploding_head:


I am a couple of weeks from celebrating my 29th anniversary and from our perspective, a $63k wedding would have been just as special as our $19.95 (plus shipping) wedding. It’s all about your beau and family and friends. Everything else is just glitter.

Now the honeymoon, on the other hand, is definitely worth going all out on. For us, we had just graduated college and never lived together so it was just amazing. We went to Bermuda and had just the most amazing time. We rented a moped and almost died driving on the wrong side of the narrow roads with cars whizzing around us like crazy, and I have a picture of my wife wearing her helmet with a smoldering look on her face that still gives me goosebumps just looking at. :laughing:

Ah, good memories. I am so happy for you and your upcoming good times. Congrats! :grinning:


Received my Justice League Full Circle shirt benefiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention today. Jim Lee’s artwork for it is phenomenal!