"Look What I Just Got" Thread (Part 1)

I can see Lex cleaning what was left of Atomica from his foot armor afterward.

“Lousy stinkin’ size-adjuster! I just can’t get this bit of her out of my sole. Otis, bring me another stick!”


I was wondering who’d catch the reference first :grin:

Definitely on my list of favorite Lex Luthor moments.


Do I get a prize? A full set of custom-made Divine Right figures, maybe? :wink:

Mine too. I vividly remember reading Forever Evil #7 the day it came out, and when I saw that scene, I thought “Oh, man!” and smiled ear to ear afterward.


:smiley: :+1:

He does indeed.



:smiley: :+1:


Nicely done Super Cool @Vroom.


Love the shirt! Looking good @TheTerrificToyman :slightly_smiling_face:.


giphy (1)


Some recent acquisitions.

Batman to complete the Funko Pop Gingerbread Trinity. Also added Stuffed Supes & Krypto from the movie in the back.

Got these from the Macy’s Toys R Us section. On sale for $10 a pair, so not a bad deal. Surprisingly solid in hand.


New DC Comics Day (“Tuesday” as The Norms boringly call it) finds:


After decades of wanting one, I finally have an 8" Mego Superman and it only cost me $19.99.

Sure, its a brand-new release that, along with Batman and Robin, celebrates the 50th anniversary of Mego’s World’s Greatest Super-Heroes line, but still, an 8" Mego Superman is an 8" Mego Superman, so I am quite happy with the above.

It looks like the case packout is 6, with Superman, Batman and Robin all at 2 per. I didn’t buy Batman or Robin, but I likely will at a later point (I almost pulled the trigger on Batman, but I was a good boy and held-off). The second series with Aquaman, Green Arrow and Shazam looks spiffy.

If Mego pumps out these boxed 8-inchers at a good clip, I just might become a Mego addict. Oh, you betcha, mmhmm.

“Moving on.”

Walmart #2

Randomly came across the above shirt. I wasn’t jonesing for a BA tee, but at the price they had it for (in the neighborhood of eight bucks), I said “Shazam!” and took it home.

I would take a pic of the real shirt, but I’m wearing it right now, and I don’t do selfies.

Yon Comic Shoppe


Dollar bin finds:

tips his Indiana Jones-style fedora, says “Ma’am.” and smiles politely in appreciation

Very cool, especially the LOSP stuff.

Amazon’s had Super-Pets stuff on sale for a while, so I’m glad TRU (Macy’s Schmacy’s, TRU lives…sort-of) does too.

You’ve inspired me to take a Black Friday run through TRU now (well, come Friday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), @moro. I thank you, good sir. :slight_smile:


Wife got me an ugly Batman Xmas sweater for my Bday!


Love the Supes. Been on the fence with that one, because I have the previous 8” version. Your pic has convinced me to reconsider.

Thank you. I like the movie quite a bit. Found a ton of LOSP stuff discounted on the shelves in TRU.

You’re welcome. DC was slim pickings there, apart from LOSP and a couple Funkos. You may have better luck in your local store though.


Nothing ugly here. Looking great!


This one?

Well, we’re Even-Stevens then, since you’ve inspired me to take a waltz through TRU on Friday.
:slight_smile: :fist_right:t2: :fist_left:t2:

Its a pretty swell piece. I’m not opening it (or any of the others I may buy), because for me, the packaging is part of the experience, especially since these anniversary figures are reproductions of those sold in the '70s and its a neat trip back in time (I wasn’t alive in the '70s, but you get what I mean :wink:).

Me too! On a scale of “fun”, LOSP is my second-favorite theatrically-released DC flick of the year, as it was a ton of fun and then some.

You’re making me want to go to TRU now and I mustn’t. I mustn’t! :grin:

Of the two Macy’s that I’ve gone to explicitly for TRU look-abouts, one had Jack and :poop: (“And Jack left town.”), while the other had assorted Spin Master schtuff (including Black Adam, but the 4-inch Cyclone and Dr. Fate were gone, natch) and a few Pops from The Batman.

Of course, the store that had diddly was close, while the good one was a drive away.

I wonder if McFarlane will stick his toes back into the domestic TRU waters. I hope he does.

Nice! I like the snow atop the bat emblem, as it reminds me of the opening of Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero.


That’s the one. Have that Trinity. Daughter makes fun of ‘em all the time :smiley:.

I also have the 14” versions of Superman & Batman that came out shortly after.

I guess a 14” Wonder Woman to match the World’s Finest would be my biggest (pun not intended) ask from Mego.


Good stuff @moro! :smiley:


Yay! @Grimmshade’s back! I’m diggin’ that B-Man XMas sweater. :+1:


Well, you just need the 8-incher from Walmart then, as its a perfect (as far as my four eyes have seen) repro of the '70s original, and thus, means you should spend your scratch on it. :grin:

These came out a few years ago:

Target exclusive.

General release.

I passed on the Target release (nabbed Superman and Zod, though :superman_hv_4:), while I used to have the New 52 edition (complete with Rebirth artwork on the back of the box :facepalm_catwoman:), but I sold it and my other non-Superman 14" Megos a few years ago.

The New 52 Diana is pretty slick, so if you want a 14-inch Mego Diana, I’d go with that one.

Of course, Mego certainly should do WW in the 8-inch line. Fingers crossed she’ll be in wave 3 (worked for McFarlane’s Super Powers line, after all). :crossed_fingers:t2:

:smile: Every time that guy (I’m thinking he’s a “Merv”-type, so I’ll call him Merv) pushes the button, I hear the “bing!” sound from The Price is Right and countless other game shows.




moves and grooves to the Price is Right theme

Drew Carey’s my dude, but I’ll always have a special spot in my heart for Bob “Happy Gilmore” Barker, since he was a childhood fav of mine.