"Look What I Just Got" Thread (Part 1)



And today it arrived!
The Mego Comic Action Heroes Batmobile!

The legroom isn’t deep enough to allow the taller straight-leg Pocket Heroes

Here it is next to the recent Funko ReAction Batmobile

And here it is along with most of my other Batmobiles!

Now I need the big one for these guys!


I’ve been wicked busy in the last week, so I haven’t had time to post my pick-ups. With that said (and in the words of Brodie Bruce, from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), “We cue the music.”

Walmart, 9/13:

Of Spin Master’s current retailer exclusive box sets, the above is Walmart’s. It sports a nifty Armored Batman repaint, who has 3 Mother Boxes, and spiffy repacks of Superman and Lex Luthor, from the Heroes Unite line.

I’m curious what’s in Luthor’s rock accessory, as it looks like it opens. However, I’m keeping this set boxed, so I suppose that mystery will be unsolved, Robert Stack-style.

Moving on! :point_up:t2: :face_with_monocle:

Pre-Batman Day haul from the amazing Amazon:

Love this set (which is Amazon’s slice of the retailer exclusive box set pie)!

Sure, 2/3 of it is repacks, but the new, scuba-themed repaint of Tactical Armor Batman is swell (I love my scuba-themed Batman variants, after all), and who can turn down a set with Aquaman, the aforementioned Scuba Batman, King Shark and a wee, teeny-tiny li’l pier playset?

Paging @TheWifeOfJasonTodd. :point_up:t2: He’s in-stock at Amazon as of this writing, and is well worth your $10.49.


The above five-pack of two-inch figures might be an Amazon exclusive. Its not listed as such, but Amazon is the only store I’ve seen it at, thus far.

Definitely a rad set. Each figure has a stand (all of which are grouped behind the Black Adam insert in the package) that’s thematically apropos to their skillset, which was a nice bonus.

Batman Day haul:

Target #1

I wasn’t so sure if I’d find the above (Spin Master’s 3rd release of Bronze Tiger) at physical retail, as his wave hasn’t shown up that much, but sure enough, I found him on the night of Batman Day, and right where one would expect him…in the Hot Wheels aisle.

Rao bless the customer (or “guest”, to use Target’s parlance) that was too lazy to put Bronze Tiger back in his proper place. :smiley:

From the N case of basic Hot Wheels. Reminds me of the Batman manga, for some reason.

Target #2

Those weren’t in the traditional action figure area. Rather, they and other assorted toys were in an adjacent spill-over/catch-all aisle just past the action figure aisles.

Walmart #1

Walmart #2

Solomon Grundy is the best of the new basic Batman figures from Spin Master, as he can also be used as a foe for the Justice Society in their 4-inch Black Adam line.

For any curious (especially @TheWifeofJasonTodd), the 4-inch Red Hood does come with a crowbar, as well as two katana swords and some kind of…pistol-like doohickey that has “Ha! Ha! Ha!” written on it (Batgirl’s grappling gun also has that on it).

One of the best parts of finding the latest and greatest from Spin Master is that the figures from their Heroes Unite and Batman lines are now $6.79 at Walmart, down from $8.88.

In an age of ever-increasing prices on non-DC action figures, its nice to see that DC toys are still leading the charge in selling at reasonable prices and a being a good value, as well.

IDK what Walmart will sell the 4-inch Black Adam figures at (as Target has them at $8.99), but if they want to sell 'em at $6.79, I won’t argue, especially since I’m still on the hunt for Cyclone and Dr. Fate.

Not toy-related, but to cap off Batman Day, I bought the 4K editions of Batman Returns and Batman & Robin (bought Batman and Batman Forever in '19). They’re both celebrating major anniversaries this year (30 for Returns and 25 for B&R), and were on sale, so they were the perfect whip cream to top my Batman Day pie off with.

Finds/mail call for this week, so far:


I found 4 of the above at Walley World and of course, there was no price tag on the shelf. After trotting around to find a scanner, I found it to be $20.47, which is a slam-dunk deal for two figures and a vehicle.

I’m telling you, if you’re not on the Spin Master train, you’re missing out, as they make really cool stuff that is very reasonably-priced.

McFarlane Store

I ordered Hush Superman on Batman Day and got him yesterday (Wednesday, depending on when one is reading). He is one swell Superman, and quite possibly McFarlane’s best Superman of 2022.

I can’t wait until the eventual regular, non-exclusive, non-heat vision eyes Superman drops…especially since I’m leaving the Gold Label edition boxed, and will want a regular Jim Lee Superman to noodle around with.

@moro I don’t remember offhand if you’ve said so, but are you snagging Hush Superman? If so, I’d be very curious to get your thoughts on him.

SN: The below obviously isn’t DC-related, but I did find (and NOT buy) it at Target #2 on Batman Day, and in the miscellaneous toys aisle that I found the 12-inch Cyclone and Dr. Fate in:

I’m not planning to pick up McFarlane’s Avatar line, but they do have some swell stuff on tap for it.

Also on the non-DC front, I found, but did NOT buy, series 1 of the Star Trek Universe line at Target on Tuesday (pic is from eBay):

The Wrath of Khan and TNG figures were very tempting, especially since the price was right, at $12.99 per, but I held off and stuck to my DC-only rule (one could buy those figures under a DC umbrella, since DC did publish Trek movie and TNG comics) for now. I might ask “Santa” for them, though. :wink:


Just pre-ordered from McFarlane……


I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a 7” Superman action figure. McFarlane store box of goodies arrived today and waiting to be opened. Will share pics in the next couple hours :slightly_smiling_face:.

These are all tempting, but I will do like you did and stick to my DC guns.


Its always a fine day when a box from the McFarlane Store shows up in one’s mail.

SN: McFarlane had a physical store near the Cardinals’ stadium about 15 years ago, called “McFarlane’s”. Nice joint, and I bought some Simpsons and miscellanea stuff from it a few times.

I really wish he’d re-open a physical store. Keep the online store too of course, but hot dog, I’d make the trek to a new McFarlane’s as often as my gas tank would let me.

When Playmates’ TNG line launched in 1992, Riker was one of the very first figures I snatched off the pegs at Target.

30 years later, when I saw the new Riker at Target, I was instantly taken back to that time.

Also in the 30 Years Later file…a season 3 and beyond Riker without tears in his outfit. It may have taken 3 decades, but we at long last have a Riker that is wearing his regular TNG duty uniform. :partying_face:

I almost picked him up for that reason alone, but I stood firm on my “DC-only” principle…for now.


Star Trek and Star Trek the Next Generation were comics published by DC!

(Just sayin’ :vulcan_salute:t2:)
And the figures go nicely next to the new Super Powers!


As I noted. :wink:

Welp, so much for passing on Kirk. I kind-of need to get him now, so as to subtly add him to my McFarlane Super Powers lineup. :grin:


Had to wait to show off the birthday haul but I snagged some pretty cool stuff last week! The DC highlight was definitely the Lego Batmobile I’ve been wanting for a little while now. It was a really fun build and I love the minifigures. Just a great set from 1 of my favorite movies!

Also couldn’t resist having Harley drive the Batmobile while Ivy screams because she knows they’re gonna crash any minute :rofl: :skull:

Found this amazing Batwoman minifigure to add to the collection! Figured you’d like this one @Mae :grin:

And I stopped by my LCS from back home where I found a 50¢ bin w/ a few awesome selections!


amazing haul! I just started dabbling in the collection of lego minifigures.


That’s awesome! It’s definitely a lot of fun, but be careful. I only really just got back into collecting them a little less than a year ago and I’m already at nearly 100 :skull:


Swell birthday haul! That picture of Pam and Harls joyriding in the Tumbler is great. :joy:


:raised_hands: Nice!


As I promised @Vroom earlier, here’s a an account of my McFarlane gets of the day. Party started today with this:

Yeah, I bought two of that new Superman. One to do a head swap on and the other to keep as intended. Here’s the result, with the new figures on the left and right. The middle figure is the one I previously kitbashed from the Action 1000 and Rebirth versions. You can tell the new figure is taller, has beefier lower legs and, not showing on this picture is the S on the back. A perfect 7” Superman.

The vines for Hush Superman are kinda flimsy and don’t stay on very well, but they display nicely.

Then there’s Frankenstein Supes, comprised of parts from 3 different figures. Stashed him away, but took a pic for old times sake.

Took out Infected Superman to display with his Hush brother. They go together pretty well.

Ok back to the new figures. Here’s Injustice Batman:

I thumbed through the comic, and it has the Superman with the purple Brainiac suit. I really hope Todd makes it into a figure.

And here’s Atom:

And Green Arrow next to the previous hatless version:

Here’s where my McFarlane Justice League stands now:

Superman doesn’t look small next Batman anymore :slightly_smiling_face:

Finally, you know when a certain comic panel is stuck in your head? For the longest time, this has been the one for me. It’s how I picture Superman in my head:

I’ve always hoped they would make it into a statue or something. Next best thing: I managed to approximate the pose with my previously kitbashed Superman. It helps that the build is very close to the way Ivan Reis draws him:




Very cool. :+1:


:smile: :purple_heart:

Kate! :00_batwoman:

Solid haul here @arkhamassassin!



Good stuff Super Cool @Vroom. :smiley: :+1:


I just spent way too much money on this and I was so excited to show it off that i cannot wait until i get home
so here i am showing off my sick action figure from my mothers car
its tim :white_heart:


I was so excited to see this Nightwing Hush statue! I also finally got the awesome Batgirl statue behind him. :slight_smile: