"Look At The Bargain I Got!" Thread

Collecting comics, toys, collectibles and more can be expensive.

And, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting something you love at a really good price!

Let’s have a thread sharing the amazing deals and bargains we got and passing them along to others who might be interested too! Or, feel free to share a great deal online or in-store that might not interest you but you know someone else might like.

For example, I just found:

  • Batman: New Gotham Vol. 2
  • Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol.1

for $5 each at my local brand-new Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, a discount chain (and the comics weren’t there last week!).

They also had several other DC comics and items for $3-10, so I would highly recommend anyone who has access to an Ollie’s to check theirs out!



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