#LongLiveTheBat: Bat-Signal Soon Seen Worldwide!

Salutations, all!

Batman Day is almost here - are you looking forward to it? We hope so, because we are! And we’re inviting you to share in on the excitement by keeping your eyes to the skies!

That’s right! To celebrate, we’ll be having fan celebrations around the world on September 21st, and in major cities, the Bat-Signal will rival the moon with the brightness of a glowing silhouette, soon showing up on skyscrapers and landmarks in a variety of locations once each respective city’s sun sets!

Similar to a solar eclipse, this, my friends, may be a this may be a once-in-a-lifetime event! Do you have any plans on attending any of these events? Let us know in the comment section below!

For a bit more information on how to prepare if hoping to see one of these projections in person, check out our “DC Shines The Bat-Signal Across the World in Honor of Batman Day” article in our DCComics News Section, or go straight to it via this link: DC SHINES THE BAT-SIGNAL ACROSS THE WORLD IN HONOR OF BATMAN DAY | DC


My favorite part of that article was the hints at what DCU is doing for Batman Day. I’m sure it’ll be schway!


If everybody had a notion, across the USA
Then we’d be lighting up our signals, out here on Batman Day


We’re gonna celebrate the Batman,
It’s gonna be so schway


Everybody Batusi,
'Cause it’s Batman Day


Will the DC YouTube page livestream it?

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Not sure if I’ll be able to attend and event with classes going on. Have to check my schedule, but I look in the sky if I can see it.

Is the NY location updated?

Sad that there won’t be one in Dallas, a trip across the country would be a bit annoying.

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Great questions shared, thank you - I’ll check in on getting answers to them for you!

i’ll shine mine up my chimney for my fellow rural Texans! (these are aewsome, and a steal at ~$20)



@biff_pow I have one of those too. They’re nifty.

I’ll shine the Mattel Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Batsignal in trubute.


@Behemoth.Ravenlord No live streams are planned at this point, BUT, there is an interactive map where fans can follow along on http://batman80.com. We will also be covering across the globe on the @batman and @dccomics Instagram accounts.
@ParadoxAmunet: Sorry, but no New York updates at this point!

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