(Long-Term) Suggestions for the DC Infinite App Developers

Hello all! I am a big fan of the DC Infinite app, and have written this post to share some thoughts on how it can be improved and submit them for feedback by the community of users.

I encountered this app back in July, when the Comixology-powered DC Comics app notification told me that it was shutting down. I have been thrilled with the DC Infinite App, which I adore.

Having used it now regularly since July, I have a few suggestions I would like to pass along to developers, which I think would improve the app, and are not covered by existing threads, such as those relating to suggestions for comic books or volumes to add, but which are missing at the moment.

  1. Create a nuanced “rate and review” function.

Most major media platforms have a function that allows users to rate content or services. Letterboxd, Netflix & IMDB does this for films, Goodreads for books, Amazon does this for retail, Yelp does this for services, and even Comixology does this for comic books.

I believe the DC Infinite app would be vastly improved if it allowed users to rate specific content. My preference would be a 5-star gradient that includes half stars OR a 10 point scale. The problem with the Comixology scale is that it doesn’t allow users to perceive a gradient between, say, 3 and 4 stars. The Netflix DVD app shows every shade of star portion, so that you can see if 6 million users have averaged a film at 3.6 instead of 3.1. This is very valuable information.

The rating function would send a signal to readers on which content is high quality, especially if it indicated how many people had rated it, and generate more feedback loops. The app could also then algorithmically try to sort users preferences to suggest new content based upon past-profile consumption, much like Netflix does.

  1. Related to the first suggestion, I encourage the app developers to be able to submit reviews.

Netflix DVD has literally hundreds of reviews written for most films. To implement this, I suggest that, below a ‘rate this comic’ function, there be another button, which takes you to the community boards, which says “review this book.” Then, users could read reviews.

  1. List Management.

One of the best features of the DC Infinite app is the ability to organize reading lists and curate lists of favorite books through the “lists” function. This is great. The app also allows users to make lists public or private, and to draft brief descriptions. But what’s missing here is the ability to manage the order of lists once they are created.

For example: Suppose you want to create a list of series for one of your favorite characters. Suppose that is Mister Miracle. There have been more than half a dozen series on Mister Miracle. You create a list, and start searching the app for series to add to your list. But once you are done, you realize that your list is not in chronological order. How do you fix that? It’s not easy. You’d have to create a separate list, and then add them in the correct order. That’s a pain in the butt.

There should be an “edit” function that allows you to reorder the books or series you’ve added. This could be your desired reading order, or perhaps a ranking of your favorite to least favorite issues or series. Whatever the case may be. The lists function needs to allow users to order them.

  1. Gift Subscriptions.

This is such a wonderful app. It is possible to give gift subscriptions of things like Netflix or Amazon Prime, but you can’t give a gift subscription of DC infinite? What gives!? Please make this possible, as I would LOVE to give a year subscription to friends of mine.

Thank you for your consideration!


Stephen Menendian (10/19/21)

I may update this thread from time to time, so I will date any edits below.

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Hiya, Stephen!

Those are all great suggestions! We’re super happy to hear that you’re enjoying the app and want to extend a big thanks for your efforts in helping to improve it. I’ve noted all your suggestions/feedback for consideration. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks again!

What’s funny is the function to reorder lists is available on the website not the app but it doesn’t order properly. Just goes to the same spot you had it. At least for me

I think this would be one of the easier suggestions to improve the app