(Long Post) DC Needs To Be More Transparent With There Fans.

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So I am a DC/DCEU hardcore fan and as much as I try to defend DC/WB there is a few things I can’t defend them on. The one thing that I find extremely indefensible right now is the fact that DC/WB seems to not care about their fans or does not want to be transparent with them. As a fandom we are subject to ridicule, mockery, taunting, and teasing from just about every other fandom and we persevere because of our love for DC but it’s getting harder and harder for us to stay in this situation. Everyday media Outlets put out misinformation or conflicting reports about DC and although I know there is a huge bias against DC, because DC is not transparent with their fans, it is likely that people I would believe those reports because DC does not talk to us. Now I have been criticizing we’ve got this covered because they’re basically clickbait when it comes to their reporting about the DC Universe, but now we have voice actors from Young Justice retweeting things about bringing young Justice Outsiders back as if it has been cancelled or not renewed. Again, logically it would not make sense for DC to cancel one of the highest rated shows they have on this network, but also because DC does not talk to us or is not transparent it leaves so much room for doubt. And I get it, corporations get people to sign things where they can’t speak out, or they make them sign confidentiality agreements but I seriously believe that the reason why DC she has such a hard time gaining their fan base Trust is because they do not trust us enough to give us any information. This may not get any response but I do know that the moderators on this app are very involved with the fandom and I wish the rest of DC and Warner Bros, would take that type of approach with us. So, (I know this was very long winded sorry!) My question would be what can we do? What can we do as fans and as subscribers, as people who put our money into this universe do? What can we do to get DC to start respecting us enough to at least have conversations with us? Who do we need to write to? Who do we need to talk to? Like I’m not even talking about answering every single question but most DC fans have the same exact questions. What can we do to maybe get a Q&A session with DC or Warner Bros? What can we do to get them to live-tweet a Q&A session if not in person? What can we do to get them to clarify rumors about cancellations and being absolved into the Warner Bros streaming service? I love DC and it’s my favorite comic universe the memories that I have and the strength I have to be as nerdy as I want to be essentially comes from DC and I don’t want to give up on them yet so I’m here pleading for somebody to tell us what we need to do.


Hi, Antravis1198. (Long response ahead :slightly_smiling_face:)

What DC Universe has come to prove since launch is that there is a place for fans that want to have mature, positive discussions about their love for all things DC. DC Universe has also been a breakthrough experiment in creating a direct line of communication from the offices to the fans, via these forums.

These are not the first forums that DC has ever launched, but they are unique in this modern age of social media. Our “parents” took a chance on having this line of communication. This is a space away from the noise and tangle of misinformation, unchecked aggression, and ill manners that the larger social sphere nourishes. We are taking bold steps as a company and as a platform to allow fans to speak directly to us through the platform they’re come to care about.

The Swamp Thing announcement became a test of the forums’ mettle in times when a company facing a hotbed of rumors could otherwise close the curtain. At the risk of being blunt, there is no obligation by a company to disclose their business practices or strategy th at informs them.

However, what you are asking today is about an intangible, immeasurable concept of “trust” that rarely ends up on a business plan’s Powerpoint presentation.

For our small corner of the platform, we worked hard to get what language could be shared in the small way we were able to share it, in order to establish at least a shadow of what looks like a trust-earning exercise. From my small perspective, being able to say even the small amount of information we gave (“DC Universe will keep calm and carry on”, essentially)- that was a victory for all of us. It is not a large action by a large company to address a large announcement. It is a small step on a smaller platform to address a small group of concerned citizens.

To answer your question: In many ways, THIS is how we start. We start at the core. We build from the inside. We work our way out. We are the great experiment. We set the example. And if we can do it right - “we” as moderators crafting a positive space, and “we” as fans contributing to an example of what we want to see in the world - we can prove upward what fandom truly means.

The announcement we made most likely will not evolve into a broader press statement, because as mentioned before, companies are not obligated, nor is it in their best interest, to disclose our strategies and practices.

Obviously, the Swampy announcement did not go as anyone wanted. But we are moving forward and focusing our attention on making sure our future properties and initiatives are good enough to offset the impact of this past week.

By being a positive, inquisitive, sincere, and earnest fan that has a brand’s best interest at heart, and by participating in the service actively, you are already setting the tone for what we see as the strength of the DC Universe platform. An open, two-way destination for fans. If we all work together to set an example, we can start to quantify and report the kind of experiences people have as a result of this platform’s presence in the world. We can shoot a tiny strong laser up through the ranks to say “this is what a corporation could look like in a time of data, privacy, and digital communities”.

DC Universe is our chance to reset the reputation. We start small, we build, there may be missteps along the way; we learn, we grow, we get stronger, we get better, we become the best.

I hope to keep seeing you around the forums. I hope to keep hearing your feedback and helping us be better, and keeping us honest. Thanks for taking the time to write.


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I was going to say stuff about this until I read @Applejack’s post which pretty much covers all the bases. Another example of the great communication in the community.


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And besides, why do we care about there fans? We’re the here fans. In the insightful words of Superman, “‘Over there’ can deal with its own problems.”


Hey guys, may risk sending this thread a little negative, but have been wanting to share my unease over WB. I was also an early adopter of Filmstruck, being as passionate about film as I am about comics. I put my money down from day one, recognizing that we need to preserve film in a way that’s still accessible and watchable. A streaming service is ideal for foreign and art house films. So I supported it through all the technical issues, and just when it was looking good, WB pulled the whole service. Now I’m on the Criterion Channel but technical problems abound. Still seeing it through because I believe these pieces of our culture are important. WB has already proven they’ll trash a great thing if it’s not on the scale of Netflix or Amazon. So, since they killed my other favorite streaming site, not too hopeful for how they’ll handle this one. However, from the ashes of Filmstruck came Criterion Channel. Perhaps a similar thing will happen to DCU. Even if WB wants the video media for their thing, the comics are the real selling point in the end here, and I don’t think suits give a flying **** about comics. So, staying positive, staying reading comics, but have no faith or trust in WB. Not after Filmstruck. You all keep the positivity up and thanks for letting me share.


I appreciate that we’re given as much information as possible on these forums. It isn’t wise to go to illegitimate rumor-mill sites and get upset that info isn’t being shared with us. Unfortunately people will repeat stuff they read on these clickbait sites even though nothing has been put out officially. The ripple effect hasn’t died down yet.


@DeadmanBrand, that is a fair assessment. We don’t get a lot of discussion around the developments in the greater streaming industry, which I am keeping a close eye on. As more services emerge and corporations consolidate their content into single platforms in order to increase competitive value, it will be more important than ever to create differentiators in the industry space. The ancillary features of DC Universe (comics, rewards, engagement, etc.) are what will set us apart. There are a few ways that DC Universe might fit into the greater WarnerMedia streaming service, but I have every reason to believe that we will be complementary to their objectives as a unique value. Time will tell!


The crown jewel of the WB

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Hello @Applejack,

Thanks for the timely response and I want to respond back really quickly. My comments do not come from the Swamp Thing cancellation, unlike most DC Universe subscribers hearing of Swamp Thing’s cancellation did not affect me as much as others because in my opinion the show was not as strong as the other three shows that have been released on this app. My comments were mostly about DC/ Warner Bros. as a whole. Since 2016 around the time of BVS controversy DC has been given a bad rep and it seems that media outlets live to spread misinformation about DC/ Warner Bros. but as I said in my original post when DC does not comment or respond to the rumors it makes the rumors easier to believe and this is not only true about rumors other issues DC has been silent on. From The Other Histories of DC Universe issues being canceled after already being completed(I know why this happened), to DC being at a stalemate about Milestone Comics coming back to Vertigo reportedly being shut down. Then we add in the craziness of Warner Bros and the DCEU, like the Cyborg and Flash movie is in limbo because their contracts are up, the fact that we still do not know what’s happening with Cavill’s superman or even what is going on with the DCEU. Also you mentioned there are other forums that DC have which one are they on? Are there any forums about the DCEU ran by DC or Warner Bros? I understand that corporations are not “obligated” to share any proprietary information but shouldn’t companies want to instill trust in their fan-base. You said that this version of trust rarely shows up on the business plan but isn’t that the issue? I hate bringing up Marvel but one thing I can say about Marvel is that they communicate with their fans thoroughly, I remember when Jessica Jones and the rest of the Marvel Netflix crew was canceled and less than twelve hours later, Marvel issued a full length statement about the shows. I can’t recall the last time DC has done that. I love that you and the rest of the moderators on this app care about the DCU and that you are as transparent as they allow you to be but as a whole? DC’s PR is a mess.


@Antravis1198, I completely understand your concern. My sentiment was provided to address your remarks regarding the greater brand. And it can start with us. :slight_smile:


Thank you @AppleJack I think you are doing an amazing job as a moderator on here, my hope is that you can help usher in this type of community for the whole DC Brand. I hope they see the promise in you!


Yes, thank you @Applejack and the rest of the mods!


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